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L'amour Toujours

by guest contributor Victoria Steiner

Portrait of Phoebe Philo, photo courtesy of Celine. Found here. Explore: design, portraits
Le Palais Bulles by architect Antti Lovag. Found here. Explore: architecture, interior, pink
Writer unknown. Found here. Explore: art, literature
Carmen Dapollonio by Kitty Kunath, 2018. Found here. Explore: art, hands, portraits, sculpture
Kiss of Love, Antonio Canova, 1789. Found here. Explore: art, sculpture, white
Festen Architecture project for AD Magazine. Found here. Explore: architecture, interior
Jane Birkin, photographer unknown. Found here. Explore: city, fashion, street
Unknown. Explore: art, beige, nature, portraits
A.W.A.K.E. Fall 2018 collection, photo Natalia Alaverdian. Found here. Explore: beige, design, fashion, fashion photography

Victoria Steiner is a stylist based in Switzerland. Find her personal Instagram here and her visual diary here.


Existential Female Gaze

by guest contributor Lucy Warren Bidwell

Stone slab by Berta Blanca Ivanow .
'Mohammed Sheko fed his comrade Salah al-Raqawi’ .
Black and Blue Cave by Lucy Bidwell.
Kendrick Lamar ‘Element’.
Angle by Lucy Bidwell .
Sally Mann early works.
Lips by Vivienne Westwood.
Woman on Horse by Lucy Bidwell .
Untitled by Lucy Bidwell.

Lucy Warren Bidwell is a filmmaker and producer based in NYC. Find her here.

HOPE Trousers by Space Matters

Columbine, Nike and I teamed up with our friends at HOPE for a series of self portraits at our office. We dressed in our favorite trousers from their spring collection, I choose two pairs of suit trousers that I look forward to dressing down with tees and loose shirts when spring finally arrives.
Check out my sisters’ Columbine and Nike’s picks here. And thanks HOPE for the opportunity, keep doing good things in the name of diversity, creativity and self expression <3.
Find your favorite pairs by paying HOPE a visit, at home or on Instagram.

I’m wearing Box Tee with Forty Trouser and Elma Shirt with Wide Trouser.


In collaboration with HOPE.

Playground love

by guest contributor Luna Martin

Kate Moss by Corinne Day, 1990. Found here. Explore: 90s, models, photography, portraits
James King by Nan Goldin. Found here. Explore: fashion photography, models
Photographer Claude Nori. Found here. Explore: photography
Carmel by Juergen Teller, London, 1998. Found here. Explore: 90s, photography, portraits
Rimini, Claude Nori, 1983. Found here. Explore: photography, travels
American Beauty, 1999. Found here. Explore: 90s, Film
Ashley, by Robi Rodriguez, 2002. Found here. Explore: blue, portraits
Ashley, by Robi Rodriguez, 2002. Found here. Explore: fashion photography, green
Rineke Dijkstra, Hilton head island USA, 1992. Found here. Explore: orange, photography, water
The Virgin Suicides, by Corinne Day, 1999. Found here. Explore: Film, photography

Luna Martin is a photographer based in Paris. Find her here.

Hope for spring

In collaboration with HOPE my Space sisters and I did a couple of self portraits with our favorite trousers. I can’t wait to go into spring and summer with this relaxed, airy and slouchy pants.

Wearing the Marfa trousers and the perfect white Alias Tee.