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Thankful for a relatively quiet Friday afternoon to gather thoughts, ideas and images together for upcoming stories. Just got home, taking my shoes off, getting ready to grab a drink with my husband and plan our Christmas vacation to Australia. x

@vanessamoody, @julystars, and the most wonderful alfresco dining set up I have ever seen but cannot for the life of me find the source of!

Uncondiitonal N° 4 for A/W 2016

Unconditional is a magazine made by women, for women and primarily about women. That, in and of itself, is an act of protest in 2016. Issue Four is our take on the classics—classic clothes, classic ideas and classic individuals. It is a look at the things we love; the ones that never go out of style because they most clearly express who we are and who we want to be. In that sense, this is the perfect moment to tell these stories, to share our voice, and to reflect on what was beautiful this year.

Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Nhu Duong is a Fashion designer from Stockholm based in Berlin. Find her here


“This is an illsutration made by Dese Escobar,  New York-based artist and one of my best friends. She also walked my SS17 catwalk show during the Berlin Biennale. For the David Casavant Archive Dese interpreted Helmut Lang SS03 and Raf Simons Ss03 in this drawing called “Scrammers”. “

“Scammers” by Dese Escobar.

“For my most recent collection SS17 entitled, I collaborated with the Swedish, Berlin-based artist Karl Holmqvist, who is known for his text based works, poetry and readings. Running through the collection are texts and symbols such as EYEYEYES, ASSASSASSS, #IAMACAMERA, a camera shutter, XOXOs, repeated endlessly in woven, printed and hand-written form – enforcing the idea of posing or „working it“. “
Nhu Duong, Work collection SS17. Found here.
“This image shows Georgian artist Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, modelling for my AW16 collection. The picture was taken by the Marie Angeletti in Tbilisi this autumn.”
Marie Angeletti For Nhu Duong AW16. Found here.

Circular or Circle

by guest contributor Sarah Stedeford

Unknown. Found here. Explore: city
Dolce&Gabbana campaign 90s. Explore: 90s, campaigns, fashion, photography
Photography by David Sims for Double Magazine David Sims Fall 2015. Found here. Explore: fashion, photography
Unknown. Explore: blue, fashion, photography
Lee Kun-Yong, Logic of Place, Photographed 1975. Found here. Explore: art, photography
Alexander Rodchenko, 1918.. Found here. Explore: art
Unknown. Found here. Explore: Space
Unknown. Found here. Explore: photography
Photography by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia december 2015. Found here. Explore: fashion, photography
Photography by Amy Gwatkin for 10 men Magazine. Found here. Explore: fashion, men, photography

Sarah Stedeford is a photographer based in London. Find her here.


Teamed up with Hunkydory to show some of my favourite pieces from their fall collection, as seen above! This is what I’m wearing today, I love these corduroy pants, if I’m in the search for flares I always look to Hunkydory as they are great at making flattering shapes and great fits (like these suede ones that I wore every otherday last year). Also, really liking the long sleeves and long turtleneck.


This post is presented in collaboration with Hunkydory.


Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio are the brains behind Attico, a brand that recently launched their first collection on Net-a-porter (if you havent’ checked it out, you can do it here! I wouldn’t mind that Ginger embellished silk-georgette gown hanging in my wardrobe..). Prepping for a story to be shot in London next week I flipped through their ss17 collection and it’s been on my mind ever since. Above are my favourite looks. Dresses of my dreams.