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à la recherche du temps perdu

by guest contributor Justine Menard

Gertrude Stein with Basket, Horst P, Paris 1930. Found here. Explore: portraits
Leonor Fini, by Doara Maar, 1934. Found here. Explore: photography, portraits
Leonor Fini. Source unknown. . Explore: art, portraits
Source unknown. Explore: interior
Explore: portraits
Apartment of Madame de Florian. Found here. Explore: animals, interior
Kate Phelan. Found here. Explore: art, portraits
Found here. Explore: art
"Among women", Padre Amaro, 1977. Found here. Explore: art, people
Ella Eronen, by Jodi Cobb, Helsinki, Finland, 1980. Found here. Explore: portraits

Justine Menard is a stylist based in London and Paris.

Find her here.

autumn 40-70

@inouicg. Found here.
photo by photographer Angelina Bergenwall. Found here. Found here.
@batshevadress. Found here.
@hello_artists. Found here.
@adelefarine. Found here.
@aboutarianne. Found here.
Found here.
@agnesanjou. Found here.
Frederick Judd Waugh, 1922. Found here.
Meryl Streep.
@darnersocks. Found here.
@peanutmochi. Found here.
Inside the Oscars theatre in Stockholm - via their instagram @oscarsteatern. Found here.
@heddastiernstedt. Found here.


One of the new dresses from Matteau Resort 2019 coming very very soon. I can’t wait to live in this over summer in Sydney. We made it so you can wear it front to back, back to front, tied or untied. I love a little versatility in my investments.

summer wear


Columbine Smille

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Ilona Hamer

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Lisa Corneliusson

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Say Lou Lou

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Earthly bodies

by guest contributor Clara Giaminardi

Sasha Waltz, Körper, (2000). Found here. Explore: body, dance, photography
Eikoh Hosoe, Hijikata Tatsumi. Found here. Explore: body, dance, flowers
Ana Mendieta, Untitled (Blood and Feathers), (1974). Found here. Explore: art, body, nature, water
Martin Gusinde, Tierra Del Fuego, (1923). Found here. Explore: art, photography
Man Ray, Juliet with Mask, (1948). Found here. Explore: accessories, art, fashion, photography
Phyllis Galembo, Kambweti (Walks with Sticks) Likishi Masquerade, Kaoma, Zambia, (2007). Found here. Explore: art, photography
Remedios varo, Uranga, (1957). Found here. Explore: art, people, photography
Margrethe Mather, (1925). Found here. Explore: flower, hands, photography
Cueva de las Manos, Santa Cruz (Argentina), (c.a. 7300 BC). Found here. Explore: hands, red
Irving Penn, The Bath (O) (Dancers Workshop of San Francisco), (1967). Found here. Explore: body, dance, photography

Clara Giaminardi is a photographer based in London. Find her here.


This is a petite photo series from when my friend Mildred Gaenger and I decided to gather some friends for a small improvised photoshoot over a dinner. The idea was to keep it simple and small. We were not necessarily aiming for some kind of beauty, rather for something with character. This is the result.

A special thank you to Doris and Anna-Clara for your wardrobes and styling. Also, thank you to Sara, Nadja, Rebecka, Ester and Ada for letting us borrow your beautiful personas.