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Dreams with Alexandra

What do you dream about?
Free lands and open calls.

What’s the biggest risk of your life?
To keep hope and dare to jump.

What’s on your mind right now:
To Live and Live Life True.

What makes you excited about work?
Big visions and strong impulses.

What’s your relationship with time like?
Sometimes I have a great time.

What’s your preferred space?
Ocean views, bed views, studio views & warm hearts.

Do you feel a sense of belonging in your field as a creative? How
What is my field? artist, writer, philosopher, dancer, poet, painter, maker, dreamer? Im not sure.

Alexandra Karpilovski is an artist, follow her here.
Photographed by Kimberly Ihre. Alexandra is wearing a jacket by Acne Studios and a dress from By Malene Birger.

At the office

Carl and Indira keeping it cool wearing Boomerang.

Bobbie reclaiming her throne, “so you needed a model?”

Me getting flowers from a secret admirer…

Favorite Alma in earrings by Rebecca Bonaparte.

Me and Bobbie taking a nap between meetings.

Vagina cupcakes made by Mikaela for Columbine’s birthday. <3

Kexchoklad and balloons at my computer. Mikaela I love you <3

Photographer Hilda Bordahl catching THE LIGHT.

Prepping for the biannual Make it last flea market…

Sweetest office intern Catia dressed in Dr Denim.

Flicked through my phone images and got reminded of how much I love our office. It’s a space that fits a lot of love and light. We do a lot of our productions there and even when we’re not shooting, people are always coming in and out, leaving stuff, having meetings, dealing with clothes (three stylists in one room), sitting on our couch talking about nothing. Bobbie is the boss, obviously, making sure everyone behaves. Please stop by if you’re in Stockholm! x

Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Camille Charriére is a creative consultant based in London. Find her here.


Source unknown


Unknown photo. Found here.


Unknown photo. Found here.

“I still find it both incredibly frustrating but also perplexing that Instragram continues to enforce such a harsh censhorship policy when it comes to body parts, especially nipples. Given that society uses our female bodies to sell virtually anything nowadays, and X-rated nudity (read: a sex tape) is the key to overnight success, it seems ironic that anyone maintain such a “conservative” policy, let alone an app which is the number one reflection of our time. Though completely different, these three pictures could have been taken by the same woman: a woman who is confident in her own sexuality but not gratuitously so. I love the contrast between that tonal, super-sexualised peach shot that reveals nothing but says all (including that cheeky emoji I so love to use and abuse), the fashion statement shot, where every inch of skin is hidden yet so anchored in the now (hello Vetements vibes) and the naked shot, almost the 2016 version of Gainsbourg burning that 500 francs note live on French TV. #FreeTheNipple


Thought I’d share a couple of pictures from Paris, where I celebrated my 30th. Above at Café Charlot with bestie Camilla. Wearing knit from Acne Studios, old sunnies from Rodebjer, ring from Jennifer Fisher.

..eating desert.

Lisa outside Musée du Louvre.

Getting proposed to by my friends at the lovely restaurant Chateaubriand <3

The staircase in our building. Ballerina flats from Céline.

After facial at the Chanel spa at The Ritz. Never felt so glowy!

Friendship bracelets.

Lisa at Musée Rodin.

Rodin, The Kiss.

More Rodin.

Me and Camilla on my birthday. Wearing jeans from Giorgi Rostiashvili, tshirt from Brandy Melville, bag from Mulberry, sunglasses from Ray Ban.

Picture of Picasso at the Picasso Museum.

Girls in the park.

Margaritas and tacos at Candelaria. Want this tshirt. Obsessed with mermaids.

Rue des Tournelles, on our way to Odetta vintage.

Me and Lisa. Borrowed her JW Anderson linen dress. Thought of keeping it but I think she would notice.

With all the ladies having breakfast at Ob-La-Di.


Silk blouse from Rodebjer resort 2017, knitted pants from Rodebjer (fall collection), ballerina flats from Céline.

So, just coming off from 14 days of work. It’s been hectic but fun! This picture is from two months back though, just before the Rodebjer ss17 show, which I styled. It’s a really beautiful collection, nothing has been showed yet and will not be shown until January next year but I can promise you it is beautiful. Also, talking about Rodebjer, I find this new strategy of not sharing imagery until the collection will be released interesting . The sort of see now, buy now thing but actually IN season. Of course Rodebjer isn’t the only brand changing strategy, just this September Burberry’s new collection was sold just minutes after the show. But. If you are able to buy the ss17 collection in stores in September already, is it really a spring collection..? It’s definitely a time of change, with more and more brands showing their pre collections later in order to more closely coincide with the delivery in stores.  Which make sense. And this is the path Carin Rodebjer is taking with her collections ahead as well. Anyway. In my opinion the best is yet to come from Rodebjer. Beautiful qualities and tighter collections, new but not new. Constanlty changing and moving forward but still maintaining the DNA of the brand. I just recently styled the shoot of their pre fall 2017 collection, I would say that is one of the strongest collections they have done. But you just have to wait and see:)


by guest contributor Chloe and Parris Gordon

Artwork by Louise Richardson . Found here. Explore: art, green, nature
Kate Moss photographed by Bryan Adams for Zoo Magazine 2013. Found here. Explore: fashion, photography
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Chloe and Parris Gordon are founders and designers of the label Beaufille. Find them here.