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piece of alva

Egon Schiele . Explore: beige
@stylemefresh Jean-Paul Gaultier ss18 . Explore: make up
@peanutmochi. Found here.
Unknown . Found here. Explore: love, vintage
@peanutmochi . Found here. Explore: purple
'Scener ur ett äktenskap' by Ingmar Bergman 1974. Found here. Explore: 70s, Film
Solange. Found here. Explore: purple
Marie-Louise Ekman 1974 . Found here. Explore: 70s
'München-Athen' 1983 written by Lars Norén directed by Peter Luckhaus . Explore: purple
Kris Grikaite by Angelo Pennetta for Dazed Magazine . Found here. Explore: fashion
'Picassos Äventyr' 1978 directed by Tage Danielsson . Explore: 70s, Film


by guest contributor Joanna & Sarah Halpin

Photo Chris Schoonover. Found here. Explore: photography
COS Market Art Fair. Found here. Explore: design
Photo Darren McDonald for ELLE Australia. Explore: fashion photography
Doug Abraham artwork. Found here. Explore: art, body
Giorgio Armani FW 1996. Found here. Explore: fashion
Jay Nova, Nasty Magazine. Found here. Explore: photography, portraits
Nancy Brooks Brody, 2011. Found here. Explore: art, body
Personal artwork by Sarah Halpin. Explore: beige, photography
Personal artwork by Joanna Halpin. Explore: orange, still life
Photo James Stolic for Yen Magazine. Found here. Explore: beige, body

Joanna & Sarah Halpin are sisters and creative directors based in London. Find them here.

Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Monica Ainley is a creative consultant, fashion writer and co-host of podcast “Fashion: no filter”. Based in Paris. Find her here.


I have a soft spot for the Obamas and it’s not just political. Their sense of humour, way of life, and marriage have inspired me since Obama’s glorious speech at the 2004 DNC convention. Boy do those two know how to speak meaningfully, and without airs, too.

I love this photo of a little stolen moment between the couple, captured by Pete Souza at the Inaugural Ball in 2009, at the height of the careers they’d built together. If this is cheese, it’s a fine one in season.

Obama family by Pete Souza at the Inaugural Ball, 2009. Found here.


Cass Bird is probably my favourite fashion photographer working today. Her photos are so clean, unfussy, and don’t take themselves too seriously. I also love her treatment of the female body. Sensual without the vaguest hint of objectification. Her subjects have strength, contageous playfulness and generally brim with personality. I’m a particular fan of this series of Bird’s friend, the model and activist Andreea Diaconu, inexplicably playing around in a lobster bib, clearly having a hilarious time with Bird and looking not dissimilar to a feisty crustacean herself.

Andreea Diaconu by Cass Bird, 2015. Found here.


I may be biased but there are few places as beautiful as my homeland in the fall. This painting by one of Canada’s greatest artists captures the blustery, moody feel on the lakes and bright colours exactly the way I remember them from childhood.

Red maple, Canoe Lake by Tom Thomson, 1916. Found here.

Dreams with Nicole

What’s on your mind right now:
– Romance.

Who’s visual expression makes you feel overwhelmed?
– I love the French new wave in cinema and particularly Eric Rohmer because of the beautiful scenery and the way that he dives into relationships. He focuses less on what people do and more on what people feel when doing it, which I love!

Where do you turn to online for inspiration?
– I like to see something that is ”put together” as a whole. A book, magazine, exhibition or a play with scenography and music. The internet is so fragmented, so for me it works the best if I know exactly what I’m looking for, if not I can get kind of lost. I mostly use online inspirational research for my work and in that case Google is perfectly fine.

What do you dream about?
– Being more spontaneous.

What piece of writing opened your eyes?
– Might sound corny but I’m currently re-visiting Eckhart Tolle… He describes that we as human beings have an ”illusory sense of self” that he also calls the ”ego” which comes from an unconscious identification with our thoughts, memories, accumulated pain from the past, material belongings and physical appearance.
He suggests that there is a deeper level of existence when we are free from this self-identification and experience an awareness of the now. This notion of separating our thoughts about ourselves from our true self was kind of eye-opening for me.

What’s your relationship with time like?
– It feels like there is an internal clock and an external one and they do not always necessarily match.

Who would you would love to work with? 
– I would love to work with someone who has a completely different point of view or subject matter than my own. A documentary photographer from Magnum perhaps? I think it would be interesting to search for talent in different fields of creativity and not only use fashion photographers for fashion and so on.

What’s your preferred space?
– It could be anywhere really, with someone I love or at home in the bath tub if I’m by myself.

Do you feel a sense of belonging in your field as a creative? How?
– As an art director, I think that sense of belonging is very much a magic that happens in some constellations. I love to be part of a group of people that can inspire each other in working towards a mutual goal.

What makes you excited about work?
– Feeling that you can do something serious with a sense of ease and feeling challenged and inspired at the same time.

Name a defining moment in your life.
– Becoming a mother… And (nothing to do with the previous) understanding that if you underestimate yourself, the risk is that other people will do too.

What’s the biggest risk of your life?
– No idea, which makes me think that perhaps it’s not yet taken?


Nicole Kärnell is an art director based in Stockholm, follow her here.
Photographed by Pauline Suzor at the Space Matters office in Stockholm January 2018.

Dreamers awake

by guest contributor Grace Joel

Wrapped Coast by Christo & Jeanne Claude, photo by Shunk-Kender, Little Bay, Sydney, 1968. Found here. Explore: art
A Dream of Love, William Carlos Williams, 1948. Found here. Explore: books
Eva Green in The Dreamers, Bernardo Bertolucci, 2003. Found here. Explore: Film
Found here. Explore: art
Horst P. Horst, Vogue, 1963. Found here. Explore: photography
Gucci Utopian Fantasy SS18 Campaign by Ignasi Monreal. Found here. Explore: art, fashion
Spirit of Elvis Be My Sugar Daddy, Ariana Papademetropoulos, 2017. Found here. Explore: art
The Eyes of Laura Mars, John Carpenter, H. B. Gilmour, David Zelag Goodman, 1978. Found here. Explore: books
Untitled Chairs, Nicole Wermers. Found here. Explore: art, photography
Leonor Fini, 1934. Found here. Explore: portraits

Grace Joel is a stylist and art director based in London. Find her here.


Photo by Nicole Maria Winkler for Heroine Magazine, 2016. Found here. Explore: green, magazines
Photo by Mark Borthwick . Found here. Explore: photography
Marie-Agnès Gillot. Found here. Explore: body
Quote from movie "The big blue", 1988. Found here. Explore: Film, water
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: art
Stanley Kubrick, 2001: a space odyssey, 1968. Explore: Film, Space
Self Portrait Diary by Alicja Brodowicz. Explore: portraits
Masahisa Fukase, 1968. Found here. Explore: body, photography
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: blue, portraits
Welcome Oblivion. Found here. Explore: photography
Artist unknown. Explore: photography
Mark Borthwick for POP Magazine, 2017. Explore: magazines, photography
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: purple, Space
Persona by Ingmar Bergman, 1966. Found here. Explore: Film
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: red, water
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: photography