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by guest contributor Alexandra Ricci

Envelope by Henri Matisse.. Found here. Explore: art, yellow
Bernhard Buhmann, "Untitled (a5)", 2016. Oil on canvas. . Found here. Explore: art, blue, yellow
Vintage poster. . Found here. Explore: black, white
From Jacques Henri Lartigue's "Life in Color". . Found here. Explore: photography, yellow
Image by Jacques Henri Lartigue. . Found here. Explore: photography
Campaign for Coyote Negro. Shot by Quique Cabanillas. . Found here. Explore: art, blue
Artwork on Fiorucci shopping bag, 1977. . Found here. Explore: art
Bretagne, 2010, Anne-Sophie Tschiegg. . Found here. Explore: art, blue, nature
Image by Henrik Purienne. . Found here. Explore: photography, yellow
The heart (1947), Henri Matisse. . Found here. Explore: art, red
Outtake from Marie Antoinette’s Wardrobe Book from 1782. . Found here. Explore: fashion
Art by Richard Shaefer, 1975. . Found here. Explore: art, pink
Spirit of the Dead Watching, 1892, Paul Gauguin.. Found here. Explore: art, purple
Fritz Genkinger (Germany, 1934). . Explore: art, purple, yellow
Yasuhiro Kagami, from JCA Annual 5 (1984). Explore: art, blue, pink
The Inattentive Reader,1919, Henri Matisse. . Explore: art, blue, pink

Alexandra Ricci is a model, based in Paris. Find her here.


Favourite girl Julia yesterday.

Pjuh! Last few weeks has been all work, no play! Really happy working with some of my favourite people though. Here are a couple of behind the scenes shots from the most recent shoots.


Zuzu on set in LA.


Noemie the other week.


Adrienne getting some sun in Malibu.

Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.



“I like this photograph by Peter Lindbergh shot for Ruffo in 1997 so much. It makes me think of cool autumn days spent wandering around the city with the person you love, sipping coffee in bars, smoking and cuddling. Even though the photo was shot in the 90s it has a timeless quality. Also, I have a thing for black leather jackets!”

Picture taken by Peter Lindbergh, 1997. Found here.


“Mark Borthwick is one of my favorite contemporary photographers. I love the way he captures the most ordinary things in life and makes them beautifully poetic. Be it a naturally imperfect body or a landscape, he manages to go beyond the surface and craft a haunting, delicate dream. This polaroid picture by him reminds me of hot summer days spent by the sea with friends, looking at the horizon with a melting drink in your hand.”

Picture taken by Mark Borthwick. Found here.


“I love the raw energy of this picture and how Debbie Harry oozes sexiness on stage. She and Kim Gordon inspire me a lot – their dark sensuality and their nonchalant, kick-ass attitude is something that I have always admired and identified with. Yet, when they perform they allow themselves to be vulnerable, and fearless. As Gordon puts it in “Girl in a Band”, “I like being in a weak position, and making it strong.” That is female empowerment to me.”

Picture of Debbie Harry, 1978. Found here.


Currently in LA for work and as I have had my eyes on the LA based organic cotton underwear brand Pansy, I ordered a couple of pieces from them. I really like what they are doing, you should check them out here.


by guest contributor Victoire Simonney

Polaroid by André Kertész.. Found here. Explore: art, photography
Art work by Auguste Rodin, 1890. . Found here. Explore: art, body
Photography from Lee Friedlander's book "The Nudes: A Second Look". . Found here. Explore: black, body, white
Art work by László Moholy-Nagy. . Found here. Explore: black, photography, white
Art work by legendary abstract expressionist Helen Frankenthaler.. Found here. Explore: art, blue, pink
Art photography in black and white of the Molitor swimming pool in the 80's by Gil Rigoulet.. Found here. Explore: photography, white
Untitled by Nathan Oliveira, 1961.. Explore: art
"Hampstead", London, 1956 by Bill Brandt. . Found here. Explore: body, photography
"Nude", London, 1956 by Bill Brandt. . Found here. Explore: art, body, photography
Art work by László Moholy-Nagy.. Found here. Explore: art, black, white
Art work by Isabelle Taourel. . Explore: art, red
Photography from series "B Sides" by Stephen Gill.. Found here. Explore: blue, photography, red
Art work by László Moholy-Nagy.. Found here. Explore: art, photography
"Nude", East Sussex coast, 1959 by Bill Brandt.. Found here. Explore: black, body, white

Victoire Simonney is a stylist, based between Paris and London. Find her here.

New in

Two new favorites in my wardrobe: A silver chain necklace from All Blues and a leather coat from Marimekko.