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This summer I discovered the beautiful ceramics made by Carmen D’Apollonio and ever since her work has been on my mind. She makes the most beautiful things. I don’t know that much about her but recently I read this article on her, eager to find out more and see her works in reality.

Picture via @carmendapollonio

Picture via Vogue.


Playing around and having a bit of fun splicing up a suit story that I styled that just came out for Harpers Bazaar Australia. Sometimes its about taking a little from column A and a little from column B! Lily Stewart by Philip Gay and I, with hair by Conrad Dornan and make up by Georgi Sandev.

Left: Jacket by Off White. Trousers by Agnes B. Right: Jacket and trousers by Jil Sander.

Left: Jacket and Trousers by Celine. Boots by Santoni. Right: Jacket and trousers by Alexander McQueen. Shoes by Church’s.


Paris views<3

Dried flowers at Buly made my heart skip a beat.

Visiting the very beautiful Musée Bourdelle.

In the sculpture garden.

In front of Dying Centaur.

One of my favourite pieces by Sabine Marcelis. In love with her works.

Brunch at Pink Mamma.

Morning at the balcony.

Space Oscar Niemeyer at the Communist Party Headquarters.

Also, visited the very great exhibition surrounding around cars at Fondation Cartier. Photographs by Steven Shore seen above.

Ronni Campana.

Malick Sìdibé<3

Basile Mookherjee.

William Eggleston.

“Isn’t it sad that you’re not enough” by Chloé Wise. Loving the title of this one.

Going out wearing favourite pants from Totême, favourite silk top from By Malene Birger, shoes from Martiniano.

Turquise in the bathroom.

Birthday lunch at Le verre volé.

Shopping oils at Buly.


In love with this handmade table from the series MASS by Odd Matter. Such a dreamy piece.

Precision, then not

I had a lovely weekend that included a birthday note from John Hodany, an artist whose work I really admire. He’s a mathematical mastermind who in his works, like a surgeon, mutates modules and moves cut-outs around with meticulous precision yet still creates something that feels organic, colorful, biological, fun. Here are two of my favorite paintings. Thanks life for being soft right now.


Top image: John Hodany, Big Shot, 2014.
Below: John Hodany, Switching Swans, Praying Beaver, 2009.


by guest contributor Joanna Nordahl

From Andrej Tarkovsky's collection of polaroids, "Instant Light". . Found here. Explore: flowers, photography
Photo by Ian Howorth. . Found here. Explore: people, street
Outtake from video by Joanna Nordahl for MyTheresa x Valentino. . Found here. Explore: art, models, red
Photo by Juergen Teller for Louis Vuitton, Resort 2016. . Found here. Explore: model, photography, pink
Photos of a young Kate Winslet in school. . Found here. Explore: actors, portraits
Photo by Laura Coulson. . Found here. Explore: cars, photography
Photo by Laura Coulson. . Found here. Explore: make up, portraits
The Artificial beach inside the Ocean Dome. From "Small World". Japan, Miyazaki, 1996, Martin Parr. . Found here.
Photo by artist Neil Krug. . Found here. Explore: blue, flowers, red
Portrait of Rihanna. Photographer unknown. . Found here. Explore: portrait, purple
Still from "Lost in Translation" by director Sofia Coppola. . Found here. Explore: movies
Harley Weir for Vogue Japan, October 2016. . Found here. Explore: flowers, red
"Untitled", c. 1983-86. From the series "The Democratic Forest" by William Eggleston. . Found here. Explore: cars, photography
"Suede" by artist Ehryn Torrell. . Found here. Explore: art
A reinterpretation of Matisse’s "La Danse" by Carlota Guerrero. . Found here. Explore: people

Joanna Nordahl is a Swedish film director, traveling and dividing her time between London and Stockholm. Find her here.