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by guest contributor Rosie Viva

"A photo I took on film in Paris three years ago of a photographer shooting his own portraits on film." Photo by Rosie Viva. . Explore: photography, street
"My mother, a trained concert pianist and composer, in her 20s working for the BBC." Image provided by Rosie Viva. . Explore: people, portraits
Photo of John Lennon, 1963. . Found here. Explore: music, photography
"Another photo I took last year in Paris. I had a week of job here and it rained solidly every day. On the Friday before going home the sun came out and I took this photo of a puddle on my walk back to the hotel." Photo by Rosie Viva. . Explore: photography, street
Daria Werbowy for Celine. Photo by Juergen Teller.. Found here. Explore: cars, portraits
Still from the children's program "Bananas In Pajamas". . Found here. Explore: yellow
"My beautiful friend Ella who moved to LA 3 years ago to pursue her love of Improvisation. I am so proud of her for doing this. I took this photo during her first month there when I visited her at the very start." Photo by Rosie Viva. . Explore: ocean, photography
A self-portrait by photographer Vivian Maier.. Found here. Explore: blue, photography
Photo of a young Natalia Vodianova. . Found here. Explore: black, photography, white
"Photo taken by my friend, Conor Clinch, when he came to visit me while living in New York. We travelled upstate for the weekend and it is one of my fondest memories, I have never seen somewhere so beautiful in Autumn." Image provided by Rosie Viva. . Explore: blue, flowers

Rosie Viva is a model based in London. Find her here.


In awe of Unconditional founders and our lovely space sisters, Alexandra Nataf and Ilona Hamer. I met them both a couple of years ago for the first time and I remember it as a very special meeting. Not only because they have supported Space Matters from the beginning but mostly because these ladies have an undoubtable passion for what they are doing and how they work within their projects. Always honest and true to themselves. They are truly two warm, generous and inspiring women who have been a big part of strengthening this global sisterhood at Space Matters, together with my sisters and co-founders of, Lisa and Nike (endless love to you<3).

It is such a pleasure following their journey with Unconditional Magazine and I can’t wait to get my hands on their new issue (order it here).


Accommodations of Desire

by guest contributor Drew Escriva

Alek Wek and Grace Bol by Viviane Sassen for Dazed, 2017. . Found here. Explore: flowers, pink
Molly Ringwald by Sheila Metzner for Vanity Fair 1984. . Found here. Explore: flowers, photography
Richard Brautigan's Sombrero Fallout Cover Design by Elizabeth Woll, 1976. . Found here. Explore: art, literature
Photo of David Bowie and Lou Reed, 1970s.. Found here. Explore: men, music
"The Accommodations of Desire", Salvador Dali 1929.. Found here. Explore: art
Helen Frankenthaler in her studio, by Gordon Parks 1956 for Life Magazine. . Found here. Explore: art, blue
Georgia O'Keefe Watercolor Nude, 1917. . Found here. Explore: art, body
Untitled, 2016, by Malin Gabriella Nordin. . Found here. Explore: art, pink
Robert Johnson, Album Cover by Burt Goldblatt (Recorded 1936, Art 1961). . Found here. Explore: music
Still from The Handmaiden, by Park Chan-wook 2016. . Found here. Explore: actors, movies

Drew Escriva is a photographer based in Los Angeles. Find her here.


"Close Up Car Door", 1999 by Tova Mozard. . Found here. Explore: cars, yellow
Natalia Vodianova by Bruce Weber, Vogue Paris, 2005. . Found here. Explore: body, models
Photo by Unknown. . Found here. Explore: nature, yellow
Stefano Bricarelli, Water - Stair composition, c.1930 . Found here. Explore: black, photography, white
Photo by Viviane Sassen, for Double magazine. . Found here. Explore: photography, water
"Entebbe", 2005 by Viviane Sassen. . Found here. Explore: people, photography
Artist Unknown. . Found here. Explore: art
Photo by Paul Wetherell. . Found here. Explore: hands, people
Photo by Unknown. . Found here. Explore: ocean
Imogen Cunningham, Helena Mayer, Canyon de Chelly 3, 1939. . Found here. Explore: body, people
Photo by Remi Rebillard. . Found here. Explore: body, ocean
Amber Valletta and Shalom Harlow photographed by Craig McDean. . Found here. Explore: black, models, white
Art by Unknown. . Found here. Explore: blue, nature, red
Photo by David Hamilton. . Found here. Explore: nature, people
"NUDE ON SAND (ASLEEP)", 1936 by Edward Weston. . Found here. Explore: black, body, white
Photo by artist Roy Voss. . Found here. Explore: cars, nature, purple
"Luncheon in the Grasses", 1991 by Sally Mann. . Found here. Explore: nature, photography
"Landscapes in Mirrors" by Cody William Smith. . Found here. Explore: blue, ocean


Two pictures that have been lying on my desktop for months.

New Magazine

Some of my latest work for New Magazine. Shot by Pauline Suzor and casting by Helin Honung.