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13 responses to “IGÅR”

  1. Annalou says:

    Gorgeous outfit as always Columbine!

    I also have that H&M clutch, I love it! Here’s how I wore mine the other day:

    Anna x

  2. Olivia says:

    så snygggggg
    älska klänningen

  3. kristin says:

    äääälskar din klänning!

  4. Åsa says:

    Klänning är verkligen helt galet SNYGG! Att du alltid lyckas att få till det!

  5. Sari says:

    Wow så snyggt!

  6. Catita says:

    nice! that dress looks so Proenza Schouler style, I could have sworn it was by them ;)

  7. Anne Louise says:

    Is this in the Grácia neighbourhood in Barcelona??

  8. Lina says:

    This outfit is soo nice:) Love the dress..the shoes are amazing anyway..
    you are so lucky that u have this weather;) x

  9. Marloes says:

    Beautiful dress! Are you having a good time in Barcelona? And do you have some nice tips/suggestions for shops, restaurants and going out? And how bad is the pickpocket thing in Barcelona right now? I’m going to Barcelona in two weeks and I doubt what kind of bag i should bring (because i have a lot of ‘open’ bags)

  10. january says:

    LOVE your shoes.
    january, x

  11. columbine says:

    Thank you. Yes, Barcelona is a great city! I can’t answer that, I’ve never been robbed or anything like that, but If you stroll around town with your bag open and look somewhat lost I guess it’s easier for it to happen. I don’t think you should be worried but bring a bag with a zipper:)

  12. columbine says:


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