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9 responses to “LE LOCAL”

  1. Lisa says:

    Love the dress!

  2. Theresa says:

    That dress looks awesome on you. Love the color!

    xxTheresa // The Habit

  3. Carolina PK says:

    oj oj vad snyggt! Värsta ad-kampanjen. Spana in min tävling jag håller i samarbete med FACE.

  4. Carina says:

    Men vadå? Kort o tajt funkar hur bra som helst, speciellt på dig!! Personligen tycker jag att kombinationen kort o urringat inget funkar så bra alla gånger ;) ha det bra! Kram C

  5. french says:

    I was in Nice so many times in the last few summers… :) it’s a wonderful place! have you visited the vintage mark? gorgeous!!!


  6. Sara says:

    Have to get that dress, it’s gorg! Where did u get it? Know if I can order it, and if, from where? I absolutely adore the classic kines in combo with the amazing color! More than greatful for help!


  7. ca says:

    Lovely! ;)

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