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6 responses to “LONDON”

  1. Kb says:

    I really love the scarf, am trying to find a decent wool alternative!

  2. Sophia Rice says:

    I’m the girl who served you Converse today! Was so nice to meet you after reading your blog for so long! If you have a chance, I would love it if you had a look at my womenswear graduate collection, my blog is

    Thanks, again was lovely to meet you!
    Sophia X

  3. kassiani says:

    warm and elegant!!! :-)

  4. Maike says:

    I like it: Stylisch and casual together. Not to much… good inspiration!

  5. Nike says:

    Lovely outfit.
    Glad you enjoyed London, such as shame you have to go back home tomorrow .


  6. Seb says:

    … they are just hurrying to get a closer look at that beautiful swede!…

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