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Girls in Gant Rugger

So ladies (and gents!), say hello to a recent collaboration of mine, between me and GANT Rugger! I’m very pleased to be a part of this as I’ve always been a fan of the brand and it suits my personal style. I’ve chosen some of my favorite pieces for fall (like this beautiful blazer) and styled them with pieces from my own wardrobe, above is one of the pictures from the campaign.

This is what Christopher Bastin, GANT’s Creative Director has to say (thank you for your very sweet words!):

Columbine Smille is one of those girls that has it all. She possesses such a natural beauty and has a great personality. Her finely tuned sense of style and the way she does things her own way has proven to be quite the recipe for becoming an entrepreneur, which makes her even cooler. It was obvious Columbine would be the first we reached out to for the #girlsingantrugger story. She loves the stuff, and we love her. The way she put together Gant Rugger with her personal wardrobe pieces turned out exactly the way we expected it – absolutely brilliant.”

To the left: coat from GANT Rugger fw13. To the right: me and Creative Director, Christopher Bastin (and that’s how you make a dress out of shirts, ladies! Dress made by me, using shirts from GANT and GANT Rugger).