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Now, yall know I love yoga and by now you also know my teacher Jennie, who has guided me through my practice (did my first class with her after vacation last night and let’s just say she wasn’t playing around, my muscles are so sore I had a hard time carrying my tote to work this morning). That is why I’m very pleased to be able to give away her yoga DVD (check it out here), but not only that, I also have a whole set from my absolute favorite brand for yoga wear, Filippa K Soft Sport(that cashmere hoodie is p e r f e ct and I can’t live without the pants) plus a yoga mat. Everything set to start your own practice!

SO, do I have a sweet treat for you or what? Want to make all of the above yours? Hit me with with a comment including your mail address, name and size below! Go go go!

Ps. You need to live within Europe to take part!