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Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Susannah Liguori is a model represented by IMG Models. Find her here.


“These images are film photos my mom took the year I was born 1994. I recently discovered a box full of these odd still life Araki-esque pictures that were going to be thrown out in a recent spring cleaning extravaganza. Each picture is of an arrangement my mom made from the flowers she grew in her garden. The photos were taken before the immediate gratification of a camera cell phone. I asked my mom who is an extremely talented artist about these photos and she told me she would make an arrangement, take a film photo, get them developed, and then paint form them. This simple and totally out of date process is so romantic to me. Patients based purely off of the tools of the time. I can’t pinpoint a right word for these pictures but the feeling I had when i found them and the story behind them is something I will always value and take inspiration from.”


“This image is a photo of me and one of my chickens back home in LA taken by Hedi Slimane. The photo itself is simple but the summer behind it is what ruffles my feathers in a good way. Hedi was the first person to ever shoot me. I had no idea who he was he made me cut off 10 inches of my hair and show him my version of Los Angeles. I was 17. At that age my LA was my home, my chickens, my dogs, my bunnies, my mom, and of course my beach. I showed him all of it and he took photos. He sort of set me up for a let down as the adventures and photos we took that summer will never compare to any other modeling experience I have now. He captured a time in my life where I was very much still a little kid, mountain goat, crusty head in the clouds girl.”


“This is a shitty picture I took in my NYU art building where I go to school. The ceiling had been stained this incredibly energetic watercolor pink form a leak of photo developer from the room above. I remember thinking what an amazing art piece it was and asked the security guard if he knew whose work it was. He chuckled and explained it was a toxic reaction between the ceiling plaster and the chemicals. He added that it would be gone by morning as it was a health risk. I snapped a picture because I knew I would never see anything, any art, as good as that in the NYU art building.”


Private images of Susannah Liguori