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A couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to visit the apartment of Coco Chanel. It was a truly magical experience beeing inside the walls of her apartment,  seeing how everything is kept intact and taking part of the Chanel heritage. See more below.


The seating area. Everywhere in the apartment you could spot finds from the whole world. For example, the wooden folding screens with mesmerizing and storytelling patterns were not only used as seen above, they were also patched on to the walls of some of the rooms instead of wall paper. Also, there were no photos to be seen anywhere, only animal symbols in all shapes and sizes. I found this really intriguing as I’ve always been fond of animal symbols myself and brought them into my home as well. I have a feeling they can provide great energy.


I’m sure you recognize this one -the absolutely beautiful staircase leading up to the apartment. The mirror was constructed so that one could not only see your own reflection, but also what was happening downstairs in the atelier.


This painting was given to her by Salvador Dalí as a personal gift. The two were close friends and when asking Coco Chanel what she wanted him to paint for her she just answered “wheat”. This is not the only place you’ll spot this symbol of prosperity and wealth in the apartment, you’ll see dried wheat en masse by the fire place, as well as in the form of golden sculptures place aroung the apartment. Also, Coco wanted wheat not only beacuse of what it symbolizes, it also reminded her of her childhood in the countryside. I found this piece beautiful to look at, very calm.