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Femi Frykberg

I’m a real daydreamer, and sometimes I spend a bit too much time just sitting around thinking about a billion different things that I want to do, rather than just getting up and doing it. I’ve changed a lot since last year, though, and I feel like I’m becoming more and more of a doer. It’s nice to finally see my life going in some kind of direction after drifting around for years, and being a bit clueless about myself and what I want to do.

Right now I’m doing a lot of different stuff because I get really bored if every day is the same. I’m working at a café and at a music agency where I put together playlists for different clothing stores. I’m also hosting a club called FEEL with three friends, and that got me into graphic design because I ended up making all the flyers for our events. Now, I have been doing artwork for a few artists, so graphic design is turning into my job as well. It’s a lot of fun because I’ve always known that I wanted to do something creative with my life, but I’ve been too much of a self-critic and thinking I’m not good enough, so I really needed a little push to get out of my comfort zone.

I get a lot of inspiration from my environment, mostly from my friends, I think. I have a lot of close friends that are doing art stuff, both music and visual art, and I think just spending a lot of time with them gives me a lot of ideas. I can be a bit of a quitter because I lose my patience when I don’t learn stuff quickly enough, so it’s good to be surrounded by people that are inspiring.

I try not to stress too much about my future, since I’ve noticed that doing something that I don’t enjoy one hundred percent doesn’t work out for me. I’m just doing whatever I think is fun at the moment, and hopefully that will take me somewhere good!

Three defining moments for Femi Frykberg


“I love Linda Pedersens art. Everything she makes is genius, but i’m especially obsessed with her swords. I wish i could have one.”

Found here.


“I’ve always been interested in occultism, especially astrology and spiritualism. These are from a big card deck called ‘Harmony Angel Cards’, which are meant for angelic guidance reading. I love the graphics of them and they’ve inspired me a lot in my own artwork.”


“This is a picture taken by my friend Wilhelm Jaresand about two years ago. It’s me and one of my best friends, a very early summer morning at southern Gotland. We were riding our bikes home from a party in a barn but had to stop because the sunrise was insane. I’ve never seen so much fog before, it was almost weirdly quiet, and there were bunnies jumping on the field in front of us. It’s probably the most beautiful moment I’ve ever experienced. I’ve traveled a lot in my life, but the Nordic nature will forever be my favorite.”


Femi wears a top from Wolford.

Photography Henrik Nielsen Styling Nike Fröhling Felldin / Hall&Lundgren Make up Veronica Lindqvist / Mikas Looks Hair Peter Johansson / Hall&Lundgren Retouch Anna-Maria Edvinsson

Words Jon Lax