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Chili De Almeida

Strong people — women in particular — motivate me. What they stand for, what they believe in, how they won’t cave. I’m motivated by working with people who have a healthy relationship towards the fashion business and who genuinely love the craft. This is a business that has come to be defined by bloggers and likes on Instagram. For me, it’s disheartening to see a reality show contestant call themselves a designer because the craftsmanship and knowledge isn’t there. I value education and hard work.

I have a always been inspired by music and in my world music and fashion go hand in hand. I listen to a lot of rock music and that is reflected in the clothes I wear. They’re not overly polished, I like my designs a little bit raw.

Women who have each other’s backs and take joy in each other’s accomplishments inspire me.

Ann-Sofie Back is an inspirational woman. She truly follows her heart and isn’t afraid to take a stand. Silvana Imam, also, in her fight for basic human rights. Women who have each other’s backs and take joy in each other’s accomplishments inspire me. And that’s not something you see too much of in this business.

Sometimes people take fashion too seriously. We’re not saving lives here, but it’s an amazing form of art that, at its best, can make your day a little bit brighter.

Chili wears a jacket by Ann-Sofie Back

Three defining moments for Chili De Almeida


“Kriget: Saxophone, drums and bass. Three gentlemen that make dark, noisy, rhythmic punk/techno.”

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“Ann-Sofie Back Atelje: THAT is exactly how i want to dress. Every piece is perfect!”

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“Gustav Bendt: The greatest saxophonist of all time and my music inspiration. He has the kindest heart and taught me that humbleness is the sharpest knife. The love of my life.”

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Photography Henrik Nielsen Styling Nike Fröhling Felldin / Hall&Lundgren Make up Veronica Lindqvist / Mikas Looks Hair Peter Johansson / Hall&Lundgren
Retouch Anna-Maria Edvinsson

Words Jon Lax