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Sofa, Hans J. Wegner.

So, as previously mentioned I recently moved into a new apartment so the hunt for new (or should I say old..?) furniture is on! I’ve been kind of obsessed with finding a pink sofa, can’t believe I didn’t buy the one seen above when spotting it at Auktionstipset (if you haven’t visited this site yet, it’s about time you do)! Regrets, regrets, regrets..

Anyway, so I need to find another one if this one doesn’t magically appear somewhere else. See some favourites and inspiration below.


Seating in the beautiful space of Palais Bulles. Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy.


The Dreamer sofa from Pop & Scott. Our wonderful contributor, Ilona, told me about this one and ever since I haven’t managed to get it out of my mind! A bit too big for my apartment though..


The amazing interior at Sketch Gallery restaurant, London.