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Saturday recovery

Listening to A$AP Rocky (At.Long.Last.A$AP is one of my favorite albums so far this year), but then also a little Baduizm because I got reminded at a friend’s house yesterday night that it’s a very nice thing to do. I’ve had a busy week, working a lot with my other site Make it last and also consulting for a brand about their ways of communicating their sustainability initiatives (it’s oh so fun!). Also, I’ve had a good week with Aziza; we’re working on some future collabs for Space Matters. Aziza and I haven’t known each other for long, I contacted her about contributing to this site right before we launched because I’d stumbled upon her blog and thought she seemed like a smart spirit, which, as it turned out, I was right about. I’m so glad our paths met – we talk a few times a week over Skype and plan for the development of Space Matters. Stay tuned for that.

Anyways, have you had a good Saturday darlings? I spent it reading up on the news, hiding in the woods, stretching on my space mat and then running some errands downtown in one of my favorite old Rodebjer dresses. When in doubt, I go to my little Rodebjer archive, it never fails me. I ran into an old acquaintance and my boyfriend asked me how we knew each other. And I answered, truthfully, that we don’t really know each other, we’ve just both been fans of Rodebjer for about a decade, in the same city. And so, Rodebjer is what we naturally talk about when we meet. We both spend a lot of time in the oldest Rodebjer store here in Stockholm, just sort of hanging out feeling right at home. My dog goes to sleep under a rack of clothes. The new staff must think we’re both some crazy ladies who will never leave. Haha. Big kisses, talk to you soon. x