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Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Alina Birkner is a Munich based Artist and student of Jean-Marc Bustamante. FIND HER HERE.


“In 2008, when I was 19, we had a Mark Rothko Retrospective in Munich. Coming from an artist family, I have always been interested in art. But standing in front of those large colourfield paintings was an eye-opener. I stood there, deeply moved and mesmerized by their beauty– for the first time consciously recognizing the profound impact that colour has on the human psyche. And I knew, that if I ever became an artist, colour would be my major subject.”

“Orange, Red, Yellow” by Mark Rothko, 1961. Found here.


“Last year I came across James Turrell’s work. If there is something material on this planet that I would really love to own, it would be one of his spaces. Imagine going in there whenever you like! Heaven.”

Walk-in light installation by James Turrell. Found here.


“As a child I was not allowed to watch televison. So I had to find secret ways to watch my favourite anime “Sailor Moon”. And still, from a more grown-up perspective, I find the main message to be very spiritual: that there is no greater power in this world than the limitless love of a pure heart.”

Sailor Moon. Found here.