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Maya Lourenço

This was before he got huge and started making pophouse, 2001 in Madeira. Bob Sinclair was playing and his shit was so poppin, it was like OMG, like the greatest thing I had ever seen. There were people all over dance floor at the club with their hands filled with pills, they were like do you want and I was like no! can’t you see I’m busy! To see him play, the technical skill, how he made his selections and mixes. It was what got me.
Last summer on a music festival called Into the Valley, Ricardo Villalobos och Zip played a really long back to back set. It was such a joy to see, like shit how the fuck are you doing whatever it is that you do.

Like shit how the fuck are you doing whatever it is that you do

I see myself as an artist and I think it’s silly and disrespectful towards my creativity if I’m up there playing records that I’ve bought and taken time to pick out for my audience and someone comes up and asks me to play Bon Jovi. There are dos and don’ts and if you would know about them, you would probably never ask.
I am not a make-a-wish-DJ, if that’s what you’re looking for then go on some cruise ship instead of a dark basement club like Under Bron. I don’t change the music just because someone asks me to. I like what I like. But I get sad when people don’t like the music I play.
I also feel happy when someone in my audience comes up and tells me that I’m good. In those instances it feels weird to just say “thanks”. I really appreciate it.

I’m scared to be self-righteous, to think I’m the world’s greatest. It happens all the time, people get full of themselves and let their ego take over. It’s not cool. I’m very grateful and I try to be aware and conscious.
Under Bron is one of the most difficult places to play at, a lot of djs hang out there. There are nights when a bunch of them are around, checking you out, analyzing your every move, from how you mix to your selection of music. When it comes down to the music it has to be good!
I know that I am good at what I do and that others think the same. I am good at the technical part, but there’s always more to learn. I want to play more, get better selections and find more new music. I am looking forward to what the future has to hold.
I feel like things are evolving.
Right now all I want is for my music to get done so that I can share it with others. I’ve created so much music but I have only released a fraction of it, because I am a perfectionist. When I hear a sound in my head I need to sculpt the idea in the computer and work on it until the sound in my head is the same sound that comes out of my speakers.

When I hear a sound in my head I need to sculpt the idea in the computer and work on it until the sound in my head is the same sound that comes out of my speakers

I can sit and tweak the same sound and drumbeat for, forever. I used to think it was a struggle but I’m trying to learn to let go and take things as they come, go with the flow and do what I like, like hanging out with my records and explore music. I might go online and realize shit this person dropped something new and get completely mesmerized about it.
If my records get dirty I wash them with vinyl washing soap.
There’s this dj that I’m loving right now… but it’s a momentary thing… I don’t like saying I like this or that kind of music or this or that dj. If I say I like techno then everybody says she likes techno and that’s not the case. I don’t always like techno.
If you want to make a super depressing pop tune, just do it! Instead of going but it’s not popular right now so I will just go ahead and make a super uptempo Swedish Housemaffia beat. Why would you do that, when you really want to make a super depressing song? That’s the advice I still give myself.

Three defining moments for Maya Lourenço


Slowdive – Souvlaki 1993

“This album has been with me for about 15 years and has been the inspiration to all I do, I still think this is the best album ever made and I love every little tiny bit of it all.”

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Germaine Greer

“I just can’t stop loving Germine Greer. Her books, articles and just hearing her debate. To see how Norman Mailer gets totally magled by my feminist idol and her sisters gives me strength and inspiration. This debate introduced me to feminism and it keeps staying very close to my heart.”

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Synewave, record label

“Synewave is that label that I might have the most records from and where I love all of them. It goes from dreamy minimal techno to acid bangers and jacking tools back to more deep stuff.”

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