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Time is always on my mind

“We go and look at nature for three hours. It’s heaven”, says Raf Simons to Cathy Horyn days before announcing his breakup from Dior. He talks about the tension he lives with–that of not having enough time. He says he can handle it in his private life–looking at nature, I do that too–but not as easily as a professional. Three efficient weeks to finish a collection; no time to re-think.

Yesterday I watched Amy, the documentary. My chest hurt. Her debut album Frank is one of those records that define an era of my life (some rather lonely years in east London). She sent me flying, I saw her live and I will never forget it.
Then she got sick and at the same time, world famous. Watching no-one intervening when she’s so unwell and still on stage is painful. Drowning in the public eye; there was no time.

I read that in the future we may live until we’re 200. Scientists think some of our first 200-year-olds are already born. I wish I was one of them. I’ve always wanted more time. Time time time time. It’s constantly on my mind. Because, well, I don’t want to die.

To not end on that note, let me tell you, I often think of There is no greater love, Amy’s version, when I’m with my dog Bobbie. I sing it to her and she is patient. <3 Hope you’re Sunday is ok.