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Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Olivia Rose is a photographer based in UK. Find her here.


“There is something about Wayne Lawrence’s Bronx Riviera (Orchard Beach series) that deals with black, male relationships in a really beautiful and sensitive way. From fathers and daughters, to brothers or best friends, Lawrence seems to capture the unexpectedly tender moments that lie under the guise of their intimidating physiques.”

Soul and Shariff from the Orchard Beach series, by Wayne Lawrence. Found here.


“For me, Basquiat’s work is made more romantic and impressive because of the subculture it was born of. An era of drugs, art, sex, vulgarity, Studio 54, Warhol, pop and free-thought illustrations… what’s not to like?!”

In Italian 1983, by Jean Michel Basquiat. Found here.


“Bob Marley is one of my all time heroes. I am secretly convinced that were he still alive, he might have been my soul mate. Not only did he unwittingly convey some of the most important lyrics of the 20th century, he had a way with photographers that was so natural and candid and trusting. The perfect sitter and muse.”

Bob Marley, by Dennis Morris. Found here.