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Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Klara Kristin is an actress and model. Find her here.


“This photo, is a photo that my boyfriend and I just bought. What attracts us, is maybe the colors and the dreamy optimistic expression it has. The photographer himself describes it as:

You’ll be influenced by everything. I like to think that there’s a place inside us, where it all twist and morphs, before it becomes part of anything conscious, or unconscious.

Like a signal of pure emotion, before it’s intellectualized.”

Peter Gant. Found here.


“The pictures has inspired me in my work as a model. It’s fun to be inspired from art and mix it into fashion. I love the awkward positions and the humor in it. Im a big fan of beautiful girls, perfectly shaped in perfect tempting positions… But I must confess that sometimes things have a tendency to end up in the same polished box. I like to mess up things and be provocative in a humorously way and I think her project “it was so beautiful i died” is a perfect example.”

Camille Mquat – from the serie “It was so beautiful I died”. Found here.



“I LOVE the character phoebe – She’s so F hilarious. Also, i’m digging her clothes, how she makes her hair and how she’s super immediate in her own naive way. Namaste <3”

Phoebe. Found here.