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Space Matters x adidas: Wasima Ayad

A month of football frenzy starts today – it’s time for the European Championship for men in France. Sportswear blends into fashion in a way we’ve never seen before. Space Matters talks to style icon and mulitalent Wasima Ayad about her style – and she shows us how to pull off a yellow Swedish federation jersey.

How would your mom describe your style?

Well, my style is eccentric, my mom laughs at it! She thinks I’m a star even though she doesn’t always understand my interpretation of fashion. But I’m sure she likes it in some sort of way since she always wears all the clothes I give her.

Your style is innovative. Give us your secret to an exciting style!

– Thank you! Actually, and unfortunately, I don’t have a style icon. I do get very inspired by music though. Also, I love to dress according to whatever feeling I have that day, which means I combine a lot of different styles.

– My signature style develops all the time and changes through the years. To be honest, as long as I feel 100 percent I can put anything on–and rock it!

Why do you think sports have influenced fashion in such a significant way during the last couple of years?

– First of all, sport is cool. And from my point of view it started as a hybrid of ugly and stylish. The biggest reason why it has been so huge is thanks to all amazing and inspiring sports people around the world. And in addition, it’s the most comfortable trend in years! 

Who is your current favorite football player?

– I loved Zlatan long before he became today’s famous Zlatan. I have couple of other favorites though: Sergio Ramos, Sofiane Feghouli, Emre Can and Gerard Picué. In addition to these guys my favorites are those taking their shirts off!

Which country wins the European Championship?

– I like underdogs, and it would be amazing if for instance Northern Ireland won. Or Iceland! As long as France doesn’t win I’m happy (even if they have the hottest players), I would love to see Sweden as number one, but to be realistic – I think Spain will be the European Champions.


Photos by Maria Pizzeria. Words by Micaela Sundberg. See more star personalitites in the Swedish federation jersey here. This is a collaboration with adidas.