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Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Stella Von Sanger is a hair & make up artist based in Berlin. Find her here.


“I took this picture of my friend Hannah while driving to Joshua Tree from Los Angeles. I love looking at it cause it reminds me of summer, freedom and my urge to always travel and see new countries.”

From my tumblr. Found here.



“The colours and textures in this one make me happy and inspire me. I can feel and smell this street just by looking at it. It puts me in a mellow happy state.”

From my tumblr. Found here.
“Cindy Shermans work has always fascinated me since I have been a little girl. She always wears a mask, like we all do all the time. We so often play the roll that is expected by us or that has been put on us. For me she is a reminder of trying to find out who I am and let down my mask (once in a while).”
Untitled #216 Cindy Sherman 1989. Found here.