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The bathroom of the treatment room -black and white, of course.

My room.

Health cocktail post treatment.

Last week, when celebrating my 30th(!) birthday in Paris I took the opportunity to visit the newly opened Chanel spa at The Ritz. Now, I knew this was going to be a treat but I couldn’t imagen it would be that good. I tried one of the facials (I believe it was called Le Grand Soin) and literally fell asleep 5 times during! Every step of the facial was carefully explained by a certified Chanel skin therapist before (while sipping on a health cocktail with ingredients to get the blood circulation going). The music was composed especially for Chanel and during the different stages of the facial I got this relaxing sort of stretching massage, called fascia. Heaven! Def the most amazing spa experience I’ve had, for sure. I couldn’t help taking a couple of snaps, so here you go!

After the facial.

The pool.

Hanging out in the relaxation area.

With this view.

Before checking out.