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At the office

Carl and Indira keeping it cool wearing Boomerang.

Bobbie reclaiming her throne, “so you needed a model?”

Me getting flowers from a secret admirer…

Favorite Alma in earrings by Rebecca Bonaparte.

Me and Bobbie taking a nap between meetings.

Vagina cupcakes made by Mikaela for Columbine’s birthday. <3

Kexchoklad and balloons at my computer. Mikaela I love you <3

Photographer Hilda Bordahl catching THE LIGHT.

Prepping for the biannual Make it last flea market…

Sweetest office intern Catia dressed in Dr Denim.

Flicked through my phone images and got reminded of how much I love our office. It’s a space that fits a lot of love and light. We do a lot of our productions there and even when we’re not shooting, people are always coming in and out, leaving stuff, having meetings, dealing with clothes (three stylists in one room), sitting on our couch talking about nothing. Bobbie is the boss, obviously, making sure everyone behaves. Please stop by if you’re in Stockholm! x