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Dreams with Alexandra

What do you dream about?
Free lands and open calls.

What’s the biggest risk of your life?
To keep hope and dare to jump.

What’s on your mind right now:
To Live and Live Life True.

What makes you excited about work?
Big visions and strong impulses.

What’s your relationship with time like?
Sometimes I have a great time.

What’s your preferred space?
Ocean views, bed views, studio views & warm hearts.

Do you feel a sense of belonging in your field as a creative? How
What is my field? artist, writer, philosopher, dancer, poet, painter, maker, dreamer? Im not sure.

Alexandra Karpilovski is an artist, follow her here.
Photographed by Kimberly Ihre. Alexandra is wearing a jacket by Acne Studios and a dress from By Malene Birger.