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Dreams with Cajsa

Do you feel a sense of belonging in your field as a creative? How?
Yes, I do. I’ve studied art and illustration on different levels for almost ten years so I feel pretty confident about being a part of the art world.

What makes you excited about work?
Actually I rarely feel excited about work. Most of the time I have to make lists where I divide my job assignments into smaller tasks and reward myself for every little thing I finish. I usually go about an illustration job like this: first I make quick sketches. Reward myself. Then I work out the sketches in detail. Reward myself. Then I make the drawing very precise and finish the illustration. After that I reward myself for having completed my job. The rewards can be things like an outdoor walk or a cup of tea. Of course I find work really fun sometimes, but it’s not that often I get excited about it.

Where do you turn to online for inspiration?
If I actively look for information I find it easiest on pinterest, but for my daily inspiration i use instagram. I’m following many good illustrators and also different accounts that post design, illustration and photography.

What’s your preferred space?
I really like to spend time at home in my apartment, listening to a good podcast and potter a bit. But I also very much enjoy being in the forest. To be surrounded by trees that are swaying lightly in the breeze and hear the rustle from birds in the bushes. It’s something that makes my inner Lucy feel good.

Who’s visual expression makes you feel overwhelmed?
– I would say nature. It’s amazing how weird a plant can look, covered with thorns or with enormous leaves. And how beautiful the pattern of a butterfly can be, and the colors of the sky. Nothing can ever be as beautiful and inspiring as nature.

What’s the biggest risk of your life?
To take my friends and family for granted and don’t give them all the love and time I want to give them. There’s a risk that I get too involved in my work and prioritize that over a friend that’s need to be comforted, but I don’t want to have it that way.

What’s your relationship with time like?
Pretty stressed, feels like I never have time to do all I should do. Friends I want to meet but haven’t seen in months, emails that I should’ve answered two weeks ago, and always a subway I have to run to.

I wish I had more time to just relax, just lie in bed and watch Netflix with a big cup of tea. And of course I take the time to do that as often as possible, but unfortunately it can make me feel more stressed afterwords over all the things I have left to do.


Cajsa Wessberg is a model and illustrator, follow her here. Photographed by Kimberly Ihre.
Cajsa is wearing a jacket by Giorgi Rostiashvili