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Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Monika Tatalovic is a stylist and art director based in London. Find her here.


“Faig Ahmed is an artist doing brilliant things with carpets. He takes traditional Azerbaijani rugs, un-weaves them, and reconstructs them to create new patterns and shapes. His work is remarkable and something I find incredibly relateable as I practice this in my own craft. The process of taking a look created and curated by the designer, deconstructing it, and re-imagining it in my own way. A re-imagined extention of it’s original state – that’s the beauty of it.”

Faig Ahmed, Impossible viscosity, 2012. Found here.


“This photo represents so many incredible relationships and opportunities I’ve come across recently. It was taken by my best friend Sarah Blais, who I live, play and work with. Her and I started working together a couple years ago and since have become the tightest work/life duo. Through our relationship, I started working with this brand, Beaufille, which sparked my involvement in consulting work. This was the collection that essentially launched my career. The designers are, today, some of my closest friends.”

Beaufille Fall 2016. Found here.


“This photo was taken by Jack Davison for Luncheon Magazine. The special moments in this fashion editorial are the quirky faces created through the set design by the incredible Rachel Thomas.  I have always taken an interest in every aspect of a photoshoot, not just the fashion, and so I try to involve myself in every step of the process. I have a deep respect for set designers and this one in particular created fucking art, man.”

Photo by Jack Davison. Found here.