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Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Patricia Gutiérrez is a Fashion designer based in Spain. Find her here

“Since I can’t remember when I’ve an obsession with hands. I think that they’re so expressive and beautiful that they create a language by themselves. I collect little objects and keep plenty of photos of hands. What I love about this photo of Georgio O’Keefe is that not only are these the hands of a great artist, but also this shot was taken almost 100 years ago and it feels still so current and modern.”
Georgia O’Keefe 1920 by Alfred Stieglitz. Found here.
“I feel really inspired by Mark Borthwick photos, they can time travel and have a special sensitivity. I love the aesthetics and how they awaken the senses. Needless to say I’m huge fan of the 90’s understated elegance.”
Stella Tennant for Vogue Italia 1997 by Mark Borthwick. Found here.
“I had the chance to see this exhibition in Amsterdam last year, and this portrait striked me for being so aesthetically powerful and direct, he looks calm and dignified.”
Toussaint, 1993. Dana Lixenberg “Imperial Courts”. Found here.