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The light


Is it just me, or does anyone else limit their wardrobe to a pile of clothes hanging on a chair next to your bed during these darkest weeks of the year? I don’t reach further these days, I just keep my most trusted essentials on rotation and wear the same things for weeks. It might sound sad, but it’s actually a state that I’m quite fond of. I guess it takes me closer to the idea of being a light person, not weighed down by material things (or dark thoughts for that matter). I, at least sometimes, want to be that person. I want to be like my friend Annika who wears black leggings and black 3XL t-shirts every day of the week and remains the most stylish person I have ever known.

Two staples in this pile of mine are these perfect jeans and this silk satin shirt with extra long sleeves, both from Filippa K. With them I spent my Sunday at home, with them I’ll spend my week in meetings. Check them out here.


This post is presented in collaboration with Filippa K.