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A Very Comfortable Woman

Lilian Martinez, Outdoor Shower, 2016

Lilian Martinez, Drake Eating Salad, 2015

Lilian Martinez, A Very Comfortable Woman, 2016

Sick in bed for ten days and counting, not much excites me. Life feels floating, without boarders. Who am I even? Ehum. Time passes slowly and all I want is for it to speed up. I long for days ahead, which makes me uncomfortable. I usually like today.
But I found a cure: artist Lilian Martinez. I wish I was in Los Angeles to catch her show Mystery, Feelings, Internet at Ochi Projects (it closed yesterday). There’s something with the dreamlike, laidback, loungy vibe of her paintings: I need it. “When Martinez paints people they are almost always looking extremely relaxed, lounging comfortably, or engaged in a leisure activity”, says her press release. Oh lord that’s all I want from life right now. Not for everything to be so dark. Hell yes Drake is enjoying a salad. A Very Comfortable Woman. Check Lilian Martinez out here and here.


All images are screenshots of Lilian Martinez’ paintings.