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Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Nhu Duong is a Fashion designer from Stockholm based in Berlin. Find her here


“This is an illsutration made by Dese Escobar,  New York-based artist and one of my best friends. She also walked my SS17 catwalk show during the Berlin Biennale. For the David Casavant Archive Dese interpreted Helmut Lang SS03 and Raf Simons Ss03 in this drawing called “Scrammers”. “

“Scammers” by Dese Escobar.

“For my most recent collection SS17 entitled, I collaborated with the Swedish, Berlin-based artist Karl Holmqvist, who is known for his text based works, poetry and readings. Running through the collection are texts and symbols such as EYEYEYES, ASSASSASSS, #IAMACAMERA, a camera shutter, XOXOs, repeated endlessly in woven, printed and hand-written form – enforcing the idea of posing or „working it“. “
Nhu Duong, Work collection SS17. Found here.
“This image shows Georgian artist Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, modelling for my AW16 collection. The picture was taken by the Marie Angeletti in Tbilisi this autumn.”
Marie Angeletti For Nhu Duong AW16. Found here.