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Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.



“This Photo is by Ren Hang. He is one of my favorite photographers because of the unique way he approaches things. I love this picture in particular because it was under a fashion folder on his website. This is not your typical “fashion” photo. Fashion has somehow because super serious and I feel like some clothing brands and designers have forgotten to have fun with the clothes they are creating. I love that Ren would create beautiful photos of clothing and purses but then there was always something off about it. There was always something that made the photo weird and I absolutely love that. I am so inspired by Ren Hang to photograph things I love and dress the way I want without caring if people may think it is weird. His photos were weird but I think that is what made him stand out over a lot of photographers.”

Picture by photographer Ren Hang. Found here.


“This photo is by Vivian Maier. I have always been fascinated by the mystery behind her photos. She took beautiful photos through out her life and no one even knew about them. This idea is super different than most artist who try all their lives to become someone and once they die they become famous. Although she did become famous after she died I don’t think she had any intention of showing her work to anyone. I think that is what intrigued me most about her. This photograph is one of my favorites because she makes you see things at a different perspective. She had a lot of self portraits which most were taken at weird angles and in the reflection of mirrors. It was as if she didn’t want the image of her self to be translated straight from the camera but rather through another mirror which removes her from the photo even more and I think that says a lot about her work and the person that she was.”

Picture by photographer Vivian Maier. Found here.


“This image is by the Posternak twins who are the photographers for Mansur Gavriel. I love every single photo they take. They always include beautiful colors and textures. I am super inspired by texture and color. Whenever I am walking around and I see a bunch of people I don’t usually pick up on the exact outfit they are wearing but rather I pick up on the color of someones shirt mixed with the color of someones hair. They aren’t the same person and they don’t come together but that is what inspires me. I seem to come up with my best outfits just from being inspired by the way someones shirt moves in the wind and the color of the ladies nail polish behind that person. The Posternak twins hone in on this. They zoom in on specific parts of a person and then add in other parts of people just because the colors compliment each other and it is pleasing to the eyes. I just have never felt so much from looking at a photo like I do when I look at their photos.”

Picture by photographers Tanya and Zhenya Posternak. Found here.