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Warm Overtones

by guest contributor Amanda Assad Mounser

Picture by unknown found on pinterest. . Found here. Explore: interior, orange
Picture by photographer Tino Razo. . Found here. Explore: blue, nature, people
Picture by photographer Viviane Sassen. . Found here. Explore: cars, yellow
Picture by photographer Harley Weir. . Found here. Explore: photography, red
Picture by photographer Harri Peccinotti, published in Nova, April 1971. . Found here. Explore: fashion, photography, red
Maison du Bresil by designer Le Corbusier.. Found here. Explore: interior
Picture by Guillermo Santoma. . Found here. Explore: interior
Picture provided by Amanda Assad Mounser.. Explore: flowers, pink
Picture by photographer Nathaniel Wood. . Found here. Explore: blue, nature, yellow
Picture of VIPP's shelter en plug and play getaway. . Found here. Explore: nature, orange

Amanda Assad Mounser is a jewellery designer and art director based in New York. Find her here.


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