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Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.



“Since I am financially independent, I mostly spend my money on traveling. This picture has been taken on my roadtrip to Iceland. It’s the second time I have been there. Discovering new places, cultures and traditions is always impressive to me. For instance, I was shocked when I visited Turkey. You can feel the mix of history, religions, origins that coexist since the byzantine period. Nowadays, people don’t go too far to experience something new. Most parisian people content themselves with “There is a bar which just opened in the cool neighborhood, so new!” and watching a documentary on “discovery channel” before going to bed.”

From Moon’s roadtrip to Iceland, picture by Moon Kyu Lee. Found here.


“This picture is a screenshot from a Japanese horror movie called Hausu, directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi and which came out in 1977. It is the story of 4,5 girl friends who go to one of the girls grandmother’s house and then will be killed. I love this movie because the story is quite dumb, the images are very kitsch and visually strong at the same time, quite comical too. I am quite fascinated by old-school special effects and animation. I like this cheap aesthetics, rough, with grain. I like movies from this period, like Karel Zeman’s Baron Prasil or Vera Chytilova’s movies.”

Screenshot from Japanese horror movie Hausu 1977, directed by Nobuhiko ObayashiFound here.


“This painting is called The Rebirth: the Widower wears a yellow jacket. One of my favorite paintings from the emerging artist Mathieu Bernard Martin. He mostly paints with acrylic on paper and also writes poetry in French. His work is close to expressionism with vivid colors and rough lines. You can see the influence of Bacon, Matisse and Dubuffet. Today, I find it quite rare to find “traditional” painters amongst contemporary artists.  Everything is based on the ideology, the analysis, the concept, blablabla. Some installations with just a piece of paper are exhibited in art galleries. Why don’t we go back to pure paintings like they used to be? Paintings have nothing to prove: they move you.”

Picture of painting “Rebirth: The Widower wears a yellow jacket” by Mathieu Bernard Martin. Found here.