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by guest contributor Rosie Viva

"A photo I took on film in Paris three years ago of a photographer shooting his own portraits on film." Photo by Rosie Viva. . Explore: photography, street
"My mother, a trained concert pianist and composer, in her 20s working for the BBC." Image provided by Rosie Viva. . Explore: people, portraits
Photo of John Lennon, 1963. . Found here. Explore: music, photography
"Another photo I took last year in Paris. I had a week of job here and it rained solidly every day. On the Friday before going home the sun came out and I took this photo of a puddle on my walk back to the hotel." Photo by Rosie Viva. . Explore: photography, street
Daria Werbowy for Celine. Photo by Juergen Teller.. Found here. Explore: cars, portraits
Still from the children's program "Bananas In Pajamas". . Found here. Explore: yellow
"My beautiful friend Ella who moved to LA 3 years ago to pursue her love of Improvisation. I am so proud of her for doing this. I took this photo during her first month there when I visited her at the very start." Photo by Rosie Viva. . Explore: ocean, photography
A self-portrait by photographer Vivian Maier.. Found here. Explore: blue, photography
Photo of a young Natalia Vodianova. . Found here. Explore: black, photography, white
"Photo taken by my friend, Conor Clinch, when he came to visit me while living in New York. We travelled upstate for the weekend and it is one of my fondest memories, I have never seen somewhere so beautiful in Autumn." Image provided by Rosie Viva. . Explore: blue, flowers

Rosie Viva is a model based in London. Find her here.