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catch of the day

by guest contributor Gabriele Pauliukeviciute

David Zwirner Gallery by Seldorf Architects. Found here. Explore: gallery
Isabelle Huppert by Andreas Larsson for Acne Paper, 2014. Found here. Explore: fashion photography, magazines
Luncheon Magazine by Paul Wetherell, 2016. Found here. Explore: fashion photography, magazines
Milanese by Tommy Ton. Found here.
Muccia Prada by Hannah Thomson, 2016. Found here.
Personal photo by Gabriele Pauliukeviciute, at restaurant Norma, Mexico. Explore: food
Still life by Zoe Ghertner. Explore: still life
Still life painting by Christophe Chemin. Found here. Explore: art
Hotel La Colombe d’Or by Céline Clanet. Found here. Explore: art, interior, travels
Unknown. Found here. Explore: still life

Gabriele Pauliukeviciute is an art director based in London. Find her here.