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Dreams with Indra

What’s on your mind right now:
– Work. work. work.

Who’s visual expression makes you feel overwhelmed?
– Right now I’m inspired by the the great locations of Wim Wenders. I’m certainly not the first but that doesn’t make them less brilliant.

Where do you turn to online for inspiration?
– Instagram or Flickr. No hidden gem unfortunately.

What do you dream about?
– Sun and palm trees. And pasta and red wine in Italy. La Dolce Vita.

What piece of writing opened your eyes?
– Paolo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”. Just kidding – those who knows – knows.

What’s your relationship with time like?
– It’s there and I cope with it. It passes by while life happens.

Who would you love to work with.
– I’m not into soccer at all, but for some reason a dream of mine would be to work with Paul Pogba. And do a short for Vogue. Why not combine?

What’s your preferred space?
– My home.

Do you feel a sense of belonging in your field as a creative? How?
– Yes. But it hasn’t always been like that. Starting out in the field of theatre I soon realised that I felt trapped within “the black box”. I wanted to explore and capture the real world, the real life, not limit it to a stage. So I turned to film and instantly knew that this is where I belong.

What makes you excited about work?
– There’s so many exciting parts in the process of filmmaking; stories to tell, visions to bring to life and places to see. But most important for me is the people. Being surrounded by great people who I trust, respect and feel inspired by is key. Without them nothing of the above would be worth it.

Name a defining moment in your life.
– When I realised that I couldn’t stay awake when going to a play. If something bores you that much, it’s not for you.

What’s the biggest risk of your life?

– This might sound corny, but I’ll risk that. I rarely see things as risks, I’ve always seen them as opportunities.


Indra Herö Wide is a director, follow her here.
Photographed by Pauline Suzor at the Space Matters office in Stockholm 20 November 2017.