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Dreams with Malin

What’s on your mind right now:
– Naked bodies, christmas songs and odd sunglasses.

Who’s visual expression makes you feel overwhelmed?
– Just now I’m in love with the work of the Posternak twins and of the image making duo Hart + Lëshkina.

Where do you turn to online for inspiration?
– Instagram and Pinterest. Practically endless and always accessable.

What do you dream about?
– To live a creative life. And to figure out whatever that actually means, for me.

What piece of writing opened your eyes?
– The second sex by Simone de Beauvoir.

What’s your relationship with time like?
– I do most often think I have more time than I actually do. But on the other hand I constantly need to remind myself that there is no rush to figure out what I want to do or what I want life to be like. Time will show.

What’s your preferred space?
– Anywhere among creative and eye opening people.

Do you feel a sense of belonging in your field as a creative? How?
– Not really. But I hope and believe that it will become clear for me in time. Or if doesn’t and I will just keep exploring different fields of my creative self. Sounds alright to me aswell when I think about it.

What makes you excited about work?
– Those moments when you get lost in the process, kind of forgets time and space and when you finish, you can feel how that state of mind got captured in your work.

Name a defining moment in your life.
– When I moved to Stockholm from a smaller village. It has given me so many possibilities, but most importantly, it has made me feel free.


Malin Karlsson is an art student, follow her here.
Photographed by Pauline Suzor at the Space Matters office in Stockholm december 2017