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Dreams with Helin

What’s on your mind right now:
– ”The only thing that I know is that I know nothing”. This quote from Socrates is constantly on repeat in my head.

Who’s visual expression makes you feel overwhelmed?
– LSD world peace on instagram.

Where do you turn to online for inspiration?
– The world wide web is the limit!
I’m a heavy Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr user.

What do you dream about?
– I’m dreaming and longing for when I’m able to master each part in the creative process by myself. I get really frustrated when I can’t fulfill or complete my ideas by my own.

What piece of writing opened your eyes?
I think my sister Dimen is truly amazing when it comes to writing. Her choice of words and the dramaturgy is strong and powerful.
There’s been a time now where I have found it difficult to read, but her pieces is always easy to get caught up in. There’s a flow in her way of writing mixed with poetic words that’s always straight forward, she’s never hiding.
She doesn’t leave anything unsaid either it’s a script, a poem or a random text. She’s honest and true in what she’s doing and for that I admire her.

What’s your preferred space?
– The sauna.

What’s your relationship with time like?
I’m trying not to be controlled by time. Observing myself in relation to time I’ve notice that the past is just a vague memory, the present is hard to perceive and the future is my constant goal.
I understand that being in the future isn’t a sustainable path but where I am is not who I am. Learning how to accept time is also how I learn to accept my own process in life.

What makes you excited about work?
– I get really excited finding new inspiring people. That’s why I really like my work.

Who would you would love to work with?
– The ultimate dream would be to work with people that I’ve discovered myself or maybe working with creative people that doesn’t have a big influence yet, but soon to come.
Then there’s of course a lot of amazing creators out there that has already made a name of themselves that could be amazing to work with, but I haven’t really decided of who and why.
If I have to namedrop a few it’s pretty obvious that it would be Harley Weir and Oliver Hadlee Pearch when it comes to fashion photography and Jacquemus when it comes to fashion design, I absolutely LOVE him.

What’s the biggest risk of your life?
– To truly trust in myself and my intuition.


Helin Honung is a casting director, follow her here.
Photographed by Pauline Suzor at the Space Matters office in Stockholm december 2017