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Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Monica Ainley is a creative consultant, fashion writer and co-host of podcast “Fashion: no filter”. Based in Paris. Find her here.


I have a soft spot for the Obamas and it’s not just political. Their sense of humour, way of life, and marriage have inspired me since Obama’s glorious speech at the 2004 DNC convention. Boy do those two know how to speak meaningfully, and without airs, too.

I love this photo of a little stolen moment between the couple, captured by Pete Souza at the Inaugural Ball in 2009, at the height of the careers they’d built together. If this is cheese, it’s a fine one in season.

Obama family by Pete Souza at the Inaugural Ball, 2009. Found here.


Cass Bird is probably my favourite fashion photographer working today. Her photos are so clean, unfussy, and don’t take themselves too seriously. I also love her treatment of the female body. Sensual without the vaguest hint of objectification. Her subjects have strength, contageous playfulness and generally brim with personality. I’m a particular fan of this series of Bird’s friend, the model and activist Andreea Diaconu, inexplicably playing around in a lobster bib, clearly having a hilarious time with Bird and looking not dissimilar to a feisty crustacean herself.

Andreea Diaconu by Cass Bird, 2015. Found here.


I may be biased but there are few places as beautiful as my homeland in the fall. This painting by one of Canada’s greatest artists captures the blustery, moody feel on the lakes and bright colours exactly the way I remember them from childhood.

Red maple, Canoe Lake by Tom Thomson, 1916. Found here.