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A few of my favorite things

by guest contributor Ondine Azoulay

Shelley and Di by Anita Corbin, 1980 . Found here. Explore: 80s, photography, portraits
Source unknown. Explore: photography, pink
Chloë Sevigny by Bernadette Corporation. Found here. Explore: actors, photography, portraits
Sissy Spacek in the movie "Badlands", 1973. Found here. Explore: actors, make up, movies, portraits
Source unknown. Explore: make up, portraits
Bum 1 from the series "Models of surfaces", Isabelle Wenzel, 2010. Found here. Explore: body, green, photography
Charles H.Traub, Naples, 1982. Found here. Explore: 80s, people, summer
Franz Gertsch, 1975. Found here. Explore: make up, photography
M le Monde, Eloise Parry. Found here. Explore: blue, fashion photography, photography
"Teenage Precinct Shoppers", Nigel Shafran. Found here. Explore: 90s, people, portraits, street
"Furcoatsisters", Tom Wood, New Brighton, 1985. Found here. Explore: 80s, people, portraits

Ondine Azoulay is a stylist based in Paris. Find her here.