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You should follow the warm weather

by guest contributor Raquel García

Mario Sorrenti, Vogue Italia, 1998. Explore: photography, summer
Plate 117 from William Eggleston “Democratic camera”. Found here. Explore: beige, books, photography
Suffo Moncloa for SIXTEEN JOURNAL Volume one, 2017. Found here. Explore: magazines, photography
Parents in the sun #2, Talia Chetrit, 2014. Found here. Explore: people, photography, summer
Source unknown. Explore: people
Jacques Bourboulon. Found here. Explore: body, green, portraits, summer
Alberto Garcia Alíx, 2009. Explore: portraits, summer
Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm, 2001. Explore: red, summer, water
Guy Bourdin. Explore: body, photography

Raquel García is a stylist and consultant based in London. Find her here.