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A quiet tension

by guest contributor Anna de Rijk

Masahisa Kusase, 2018. Found here. Explore: eyes
Smoking Black Cat, Aleksandra Waliszewska. Found here. Explore: animals, art, yellow
Untitled, Enrico David. Source unknown. Explore: art, sculpture
Cleaning the Rietveld Paviljoen, Job Koelewijn. Source unknown. Explore: people, photography
Young Woman under the Snow, Kitano Tsunetomi. Found here. Explore: art, blue, portraits
Models and Photoghraphers (IV), Shoji Ueda. Source unknown.. Explore: art, people
Masahisa Fukase. Source unknown.. Explore: animals, portraits
Drawings of Old Trees, Patrick van Caeckenbergh. Source unknown. Explore: art, nature
Un femme douce, Robert Bresson. Source unknown. Explore: hands, photography
Bamboo Forest, Umesaka Ori. Source unknown. . Explore: art, nature

Anna de Rijk is a model, the world is her home. Find her here.