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Stylist represented by LundLund Agency. Fashion Director at Styleby Magazine. Based in Stockholm, working world wide.


Sandals, ATP Atelier.


Definitely the one pair of shoes I’ve been wearing most days this summer. Here worn together with pants from Filippa K.


Ring, Engelbert.

I wore this beautiful, diamond knot ring last night. Wish I could keep it!


Yara Moons dress, Rodebjer.

I wore this dress earlier today but unfotunately I didn’t manage to take a picture of it this time. I’m really in love with it and know it’s going to be with be for a long time.

Vogue &

I’m sharing my favorite vintage shops in the city, what I would like to wear right now and more over at Vogue and – check it out!


Rind Concentrate Body Balm, Aesop.

I bought this body balm from Aesop during my stay in New York earlier this spring, as I’d forgotten to bring both body oils or lotion. I’m sort of obsessed with oils and use them every day after taking a shower and I always moisturize before going to bed. I’ll use something a bit lighter before bed time though and sometimes I skip the oil during day time too to wear something less sticky and avoid stains on clothes. I love the scent of this one (I always like fresh scents of pink grapefruit as this one includes) and It’s also quite rich so you don’t have to use too much which make it lasts long. Definitely a new favourite of mine.

The weeknd

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Amelie Riech for Pacolab, 2012. Found here. Explore: accessories, photography
Casablanca, photographer unknown, 1971.. Found here. Explore: photography
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Ivana Karbanová and Jitka Cerhová in Sedmikrásky (Daisies), 1966.. Found here. Explore: people, photography
Liya Kebede by Paola Kudacki for Vamp Magazine. Found here. Explore: fashion, models
Freja Beha Erichsen, by by Maciek Kobalsk for The Last Magazine. Found here. Explore: fashion, models
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