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Stylist represented by LundLund Agency. Fashion Director at Styleby Magazine. Based in Stockholm, working world wide.


Katie Lion. Found here. Explore: art, beige, sculpture
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: animals, photography
Men kissing under tree, Kay Tobin, 1977-1978. Found here. Explore: people, photography, summer
Body/Index, Carmen Winant, 2018. Found here. Explore: art, body
By the Society for Visual Education in Chicago, 1970. Found here. Explore: 70s, people, photography
Diálogo de mãos, Lygia Clark, 1966. Found here. Explore: hands
Artist unknown. Explore: people, photography
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: body, red
Artist and source unknown. Found here. Explore: art
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: art, music
Diálogo de mãos, Lygia Clark, 1966. Found here.
”Rock Island", Photography by Henry Roy, 2005. Found here. Explore: nature, photography, water
Source unknown. Explore: hair
Ryan McGinley, 2004-2009. Found here. Explore: body, photography
Artist and source unknown. Explore: body, summer
”Man sleeping”, Photography by Henry Roy, 2002. Found here. Explore: people, photography
"Surrounded Islands", Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida 1980-83. Found here. Explore: art, nature, water


As spring approaches, Space Matters teams up with HOPE for a series of self portraits. Playing around(!) at the office, where I love to be, wearing my favourite HOPE trouser (The Move Trouser), holding my favourite flowers -poppies.

Take a look at how my Space sisters are wearing their favourite Hope trousers over here!
If you’re curious to know more about HOPE, a brand passionate about diversity, creativity and self expression -pay them a visit, at home or on Instagram!


Clothes by HOPE
Chair by Fredrik Paulsen

In collaboration with HOPE.


La Bomba Jacquemus, directed by Gordon von Steiner and creative direction by Simon Porte Jacquemus.

It’s hard to not love the world of Jacquemus, no? Impossible not to think of easy breezy warm winds in the sun somewhere in the south of France. Having found myself a bit tired of Instagram, Jacquemus is one of the accounts I still read/browse on a daily basis. Except for the perfect vacation inspiration, I am very fascinated by Jacquemus’ ability to reconnect to his own childhood and personal life through the collections and the visual identity of each and every campaign. This always intrigues me, when the ideas are so deeply rooted in something personal that they create a world of it’s own. And his childhood nostaglia is so beautifully conveyed in everything he takes on. Just beautiful.

As for the spring/summer collection, it is inspired by the memories of his mother walking around the villages outside Marseille and, according to, a photograph of her walking through the port one summer, wearing a scarf around her head, a ceramic earring and a pareo tied around her. Together with film director Gordon von Steiner he created the video for the ss18 collection, as seen above. The perfect dream and I want to wear it. Press play and enjoy.


Photo by Nicole Maria Winkler for Heroine Magazine, 2016. Found here. Explore: green, magazines
Photo by Mark Borthwick . Found here. Explore: photography
Marie-Agnès Gillot. Found here. Explore: body
Quote from movie "The big blue", 1988. Found here. Explore: Film, water
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: art
Stanley Kubrick, 2001: a space odyssey, 1968. Explore: Film, Space
Self Portrait Diary by Alicja Brodowicz. Explore: portraits
Masahisa Fukase, 1968. Found here. Explore: body, photography
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: blue, portraits
Welcome Oblivion. Found here. Explore: photography
Artist unknown. Explore: photography
Mark Borthwick for POP Magazine, 2017. Explore: magazines, photography
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: purple, Space
Persona by Ingmar Bergman, 1966. Found here. Explore: Film
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: red, water
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: photography



Spent a couple of days shooting on Sicily. Above seen are the beautiful tiles in the garden of the house we stayed at.


San Vito lo Capo.




Going around by car, searching locations.


Summer feelings.


Favourite dress from Cecilie Bahnsen.


Sunsets in LA.


On my way to work in Aarhus. Wearing my all time favourite peacoat from Nicolas Ghesquière for Balenciaga.


Chanel boots at the office.


Christmas scents by Ralph Lauren at home.


On location in Malibu!


Walking on the beach in Venice.


On set in Stockholm.


Christmas flowers at home.


Wearing favourite shirt from Hope.


Brilliant Camilla Engström on set for Styleby Magazine.


In awe of Unconditional founders and our lovely space sisters, Alexandra Nataf and Ilona Hamer. I met them both a couple of years ago for the first time and I remember it as a very special meeting. Not only because they have supported Space Matters from the beginning but mostly because these ladies have an undoubtable passion for what they are doing and how they work within their projects. Always honest and true to themselves. They are truly two warm, generous and inspiring women who have been a big part of strengthening this global sisterhood at Space Matters, together with my sisters and co-founders of, Lisa and Nike (endless love to you<3).

It is such a pleasure following their journey with Unconditional Magazine and I can’t wait to get my hands on their new issue (order it here).