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Freelance stylist and fashion director of Unconditional Magazine.


Just landed in Miami and back at work for the start of 2017! Its nice to be re-energised and inspired from all the sun and saltwater but I have to say I wish I could have stayed by the pool at my parents house like this for another few days…


A photo from “Tropism” by Ralph Gibson  that I took at my friend Christopher’s studio and put on Instagram (with pencil for safety) and still, 24 hours later they deleted as it didn’t fit “Community guidelines”. Just a post to say Fuck You to the people who report images like this and Instagram and the ridiculous fear of the nipple.

les essentiels

My favourite kind of outfit for winter – vintage jeans, a neat black blazer and the most perfect pair of patent ankle boots I’ve ever found. Merci Filippa K for creating the perfect wardrobe for the New York working woman!


Thankful for a relatively quiet Friday afternoon to gather thoughts, ideas and images together for upcoming stories. Just got home, taking my shoes off, getting ready to grab a drink with my husband and plan our Christmas vacation to Australia. x

@vanessamoody, @julystars, and the most wonderful alfresco dining set up I have ever seen but cannot for the life of me find the source of!


Currently obsessing over Consuelo Kanaga’s images from the 20’s and 30’s. I have had her images stored on my computer for so long and its funny because I just bought the Alfred Stieglitz book “A Legacy of Light” on the weekend and he was somewhat of a mentor to her. Its wonderful how things you already have can be rediscovered when the dots are connected.


The corset over blazer was such a big thing last season its not surprising that Phoebe being the understated genius that she is, moved her version to the interior.