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Elizabeth Lejonhjärta and Victoria Lejonhjärta are twins, poets and insta-jedis from Sápmi, Sweden.

Double denim

Mega stylist Selam Fessahaye hooked us up with these dream denim pieces from Acne Studios SS17 for the Swedish ELLE awards. We wore them with our go-to sneakers from Celiné and Eytys + Elizabeth’s fave LV bag.

The answer is out there, Neo

Neo was my first crush, hailing from the obsession we had with The Matrix when it first came out in ’99. I remember visiting the local videostore every weekend begging them to let us buy one of their huge posters. Eventually it hanged neatly on the wall of our pre-teen room.

Months later, Elli wrote an environmental article in the school paper where she quoted the now classic dialogue between Agent Smith and Morpheus, comparing the human pattern to that of a virus. I sat in the board and made sure it was published. It wasn’t recieved as well as expected by our fellow peers who, oddly enough, didn’t seem to appreciate being compared to viruses.

Nonetheless, to this day it remains one of the most significant visual experiences of our lives as it helped shape our whole aesthetic. Finding a vinyl suit like this (pants from H&M, jacket from Cheap Monday) truly ignites our Trinity-hearts.

wilson in kenzo

Had the pleasure of meeting Wilson Oryema earlier this year in LA, hands down one of the coolest, most genuine people we’ve ever crossed paths with. We are currently enamored with these images of him for Kenzo’s holiday collection, shot by Florence and Nicolas.


The moon, a distant lover whos spell we fell under, is closer than ever tonight, bigger and brighter. We’re yearning for Sailor moons magical jewlery and powers extra much at this hour.


It makes us both happy thinking about how this photo came about in our best friends apartment on a grey winters day and ended up on Drizzy’s back when Black Picasso immortalized us on his Levis denim jacket.