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The light


Is it just me, or does anyone else limit their wardrobe to a pile of clothes hanging on a chair next to your bed during these darkest weeks of the year? I don’t reach further these days, I just keep my most trusted essentials on rotation and wear the same things for weeks. It might sound sad, but it’s actually a state that I’m quite fond of. I guess it takes me closer to the idea of being a light person, not weighed down by material things (or dark thoughts for that matter). I, at least sometimes, want to be that person. I want to be like my friend Annika who wears black leggings and black 3XL t-shirts every day of the week and remains the most stylish person I have ever known.

Two staples in this pile of mine are these perfect jeans and this silk satin shirt with extra long sleeves, both from Filippa K. With them I spent my Sunday at home, with them I’ll spend my week in meetings. Check them out here.


This post is presented in collaboration with Filippa K.

A Very Comfortable Woman

Lilian Martinez, Outdoor Shower, 2016

Lilian Martinez, Drake Eating Salad, 2015

Lilian Martinez, A Very Comfortable Woman, 2016

Sick in bed for ten days and counting, not much excites me. Life feels floating, without boarders. Who am I even? Ehum. Time passes slowly and all I want is for it to speed up. I long for days ahead, which makes me uncomfortable. I usually like today.
But I found a cure: artist Lilian Martinez. I wish I was in Los Angeles to catch her show Mystery, Feelings, Internet at Ochi Projects (it closed yesterday). There’s something with the dreamlike, laidback, loungy vibe of her paintings: I need it. “When Martinez paints people they are almost always looking extremely relaxed, lounging comfortably, or engaged in a leisure activity”, says her press release. Oh lord that’s all I want from life right now. Not for everything to be so dark. Hell yes Drake is enjoying a salad. A Very Comfortable Woman. Check Lilian Martinez out here and here.


All images are screenshots of Lilian Martinez’ paintings.

At the office

Carl and Indira keeping it cool wearing Boomerang.

Bobbie reclaiming her throne, “so you needed a model?”

Me getting flowers from a secret admirer…

Favorite Alma in earrings by Rebecca Bonaparte.

Me and Bobbie taking a nap between meetings.

Vagina cupcakes made by Mikaela for Columbine’s birthday. <3

Kexchoklad and balloons at my computer. Mikaela I love you <3

Photographer Hilda Bordahl catching THE LIGHT.

Prepping for the biannual Make it last flea market…

Sweetest office intern Catia dressed in Dr Denim.

Flicked through my phone images and got reminded of how much I love our office. It’s a space that fits a lot of love and light. We do a lot of our productions there and even when we’re not shooting, people are always coming in and out, leaving stuff, having meetings, dealing with clothes (three stylists in one room), sitting on our couch talking about nothing. Bobbie is the boss, obviously, making sure everyone behaves. Please stop by if you’re in Stockholm! x

Spring favorites #2: Filippa K

To preview their spring 2017 collections, Filippa K opted for a dinner hosted by Gentlewoman and Fantastic Man in London last week. I love the lookbook, simple but dreamy. And I have a weak spot for whites.

Spring favorites #1: CMMN SWDN

Dry cottons, distressed denim, loosely woven linen and light cashmere. CMMN SWDN’s spring 2017 collection makes me want to jump this whole fall and winter thing and land in May of next year. In a ray af light. If you don’t know CMMN SWDN, check them out. Founded in Malmö four years ago after being inspired to start their own brand by setting up Kanye West’s design studio in Paris, Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund create inspired collections from east London.



Chloe fall 2007 boots currently on sale here


Waders from Prada fall 2009


Coat and waders from Prada fall 2009

One of my favorite work projects is a thing that we do with the Swedish edition of Ebay, Tradera. It’s a site called Tradera Trend and on it, we pick the best of Tradera’s endless catalogue, every single day.
Today my heart skipped a beat because someone’s selling a pair of Chloé boots from fall 2007. I was so obsessed that collection and I searched eBay for those boots for two or three years. And here they are on Tradera nine years later?
Who is this person from Uppsala, Sweden who sells them, unworn, now? I want to know. I always want to know.
Another pair of boots that I used to searched every corner of the web for were the Prada waders from fall 2009. And then all in a sudden, a few years after they were news, a pair appeared on eBay, one size too small. I asked the seller if she thought I’d be able to squeeze my feet into them, I think she was German?, and she said ‘no I’m afraid not’. We chatted back and forth and of course I bought them anyway. I still have them and wouldn’t trade them for the world. I actually have that coat on the picture above too, and when I come to think of it, I tracked down those short shorts too but they never made it to my front door. I still wonder were they are…