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Love her

by guest contributor Ida Klamborn

Photo taken from Caroline Caldwell aka Dirt Worships' twitter account. . Found here. Explore: art, photography
Photo of Angelina, Winona and Murphy. . Found here. Explore: photography
Angelina Jolie. . Found here. Explore: photography, purple
Found here. Explore: art, body
Photograph provided by Ida Klamborn.. Explore: art, literature, pink
Tereza Ortiz for Ida Klamborn.. Found here. Explore: people, photography
Photograph provided by Ida Klamborn.. Explore: photography, pink
Une femme mariée, Jean-Luc Godard (1964). Found here. Explore: black, white
Lisa Simpson.. Found here. Explore: black
Photograph by Ramona Deckers.. Found here. Explore: art, Photograph, purple
"Female Matters" by Maisie Cousins.. Found here. Explore: art, flowers, models
Outtake from Rihannas song "Needed me". . Explore: black, literature, music, white
Sade. . Found here. Explore: music
Art by Sara Andreasson.. Found here. Explore: art, pink, red
Art by Tamara de Lempicka.. Found here. Explore: art
Matthews Island of Misfit Toys.. Found here. Explore: art, blue
Veronica. . Found here. Explore: blue, literature, pink

Ida Klamborn is a Swedish fashion designer, based in Stockholm. Find her here.

Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.



“I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel for work and have been to some cities I’d never even dreamed of. Every new city has a different vibe, language, music, food and culture and it’s all very inspiring to me. I enjoy disconnecting from the world/social media while just focusing on the moment and my surroundings. I took this picture from the top of a stairway and was fascinated by the bright colors, textures, and the ambiance.”

From a club called Pacha, Barcelona. Picture by Debbie Gonzales.



“Being in Berlin makes me want to create. There is so much art, graffiti, history that I always find myself snapping pictures of random things that catch my eye. This steamy gridded glass window was just another regular bathroom window until a red brake light went on in the background. I felt like something was missing so I scribbled “Te Amo” across it. Maybe someone will see it and feel the same way.”

Te Amo Berlin. Picture by Debbie Gonzales.


“Music is a big inspiration for me. While in Oslo, Norway I came across a bar and instantly fell in love with the song playing in the background. I asked for the name of the song and was given the entire playlist for the night. Later I played every song and found some really cool music videos and songs that I’ve had never seen or heard of. Shout out to the DJ (whose name I didn’t get.)”

#11. Picture by Debbie Gonzales.

Warm Overtones

by guest contributor Amanda Assad Mounser

Picture by unknown found on pinterest. . Found here. Explore: interior, orange
Picture by photographer Tino Razo. . Found here. Explore: blue, nature, people
Picture by photographer Viviane Sassen. . Found here. Explore: cars, yellow
Picture by photographer Harley Weir. . Found here. Explore: photography, red
Picture by photographer Harri Peccinotti, published in Nova, April 1971. . Found here. Explore: fashion, photography, red
Maison du Bresil by designer Le Corbusier.. Found here. Explore: interior
Picture by Guillermo Santoma. . Found here. Explore: interior
Picture provided by Amanda Assad Mounser.. Explore: flowers, pink
Picture by photographer Nathaniel Wood. . Found here. Explore: blue, nature, yellow
Picture of VIPP's shelter en plug and play getaway. . Found here. Explore: nature, orange

Amanda Assad Mounser is a jewellery designer and art director based in New York. Find her here.

Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.



“This Photo is by Ren Hang. He is one of my favorite photographers because of the unique way he approaches things. I love this picture in particular because it was under a fashion folder on his website. This is not your typical “fashion” photo. Fashion has somehow because super serious and I feel like some clothing brands and designers have forgotten to have fun with the clothes they are creating. I love that Ren would create beautiful photos of clothing and purses but then there was always something off about it. There was always something that made the photo weird and I absolutely love that. I am so inspired by Ren Hang to photograph things I love and dress the way I want without caring if people may think it is weird. His photos were weird but I think that is what made him stand out over a lot of photographers.”

Picture by photographer Ren Hang. Found here.


“This photo is by Vivian Maier. I have always been fascinated by the mystery behind her photos. She took beautiful photos through out her life and no one even knew about them. This idea is super different than most artist who try all their lives to become someone and once they die they become famous. Although she did become famous after she died I don’t think she had any intention of showing her work to anyone. I think that is what intrigued me most about her. This photograph is one of my favorites because she makes you see things at a different perspective. She had a lot of self portraits which most were taken at weird angles and in the reflection of mirrors. It was as if she didn’t want the image of her self to be translated straight from the camera but rather through another mirror which removes her from the photo even more and I think that says a lot about her work and the person that she was.”

Picture by photographer Vivian Maier. Found here.


“This image is by the Posternak twins who are the photographers for Mansur Gavriel. I love every single photo they take. They always include beautiful colors and textures. I am super inspired by texture and color. Whenever I am walking around and I see a bunch of people I don’t usually pick up on the exact outfit they are wearing but rather I pick up on the color of someones shirt mixed with the color of someones hair. They aren’t the same person and they don’t come together but that is what inspires me. I seem to come up with my best outfits just from being inspired by the way someones shirt moves in the wind and the color of the ladies nail polish behind that person. The Posternak twins hone in on this. They zoom in on specific parts of a person and then add in other parts of people just because the colors compliment each other and it is pleasing to the eyes. I just have never felt so much from looking at a photo like I do when I look at their photos.”

Picture by photographers Tanya and Zhenya Posternak. Found here.



by guest contributor Georgia Graham

Gemma Ward in British Vogue September 2007 from the "Indian Summer" shoot, shot by Patrick Demarchelier. . Found here. Explore: model, yellow
An image by Swiss photographer / Artist Walter Pfeiffer. . Found here. Explore: food
Sasha Pivavorova by Tim Walker for British Vogue May 2006 editorial "from Russia with love". . Found here. Explore: fashion, photography
An image by Corrine Day from her posthumous collection "May the circle remain unbroken", compiled by her husband Mark Szaszy and her muse Tara St Hill.. Found here. Explore: people, wather
"You made me love you" neon artwork by Tracey Emin. . Found here. Explore: literature
Images from Nobuyashi Araki's " The Banquet" series. . Found here. Explore: books, green
"Another image, I think by Walter Pfeiffer but I can't remember and don't have a reference! Just an image I saved a while back that I love". Found here. Explore: blue, people
A look from Balenciaga's A/W 2007 collection by Nicolas Ghesquiere. . Found here. Explore: fashion, model
"OOF" artwork by Ed Ruscha (1962). . Found here. Explore: blue, literature, yellow
Sasha Pivavorova by Tim Walker for British Vogue May 2006 editorial "from Russia with love". . Found here. Explore: model, photography
A photograph by Wolfgang Tillmans "Lutz and Alex" 1992. . Found here. Explore: people, yellow

Georgia Graham is a model and writer based in New York. Find her here.

Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.



“My favorite artist ever is ALISON MOSSHART. Not only is she super talented and creative, but she is also such a lovely down to earth person. Her artworks are so full of life and adventure! Alison treats her paintings like a visual diary of everything going on in her head. I had the pleasure of working with her for ZOE PUBLICATION, its our own magazine that we produce once a year. This is one of a selection of artworks she made exclusively for us.”

Alison Mosshart exclusively for Zoe Publication. Found here.


“This photo was taken by a good friend of mine called Philippe Vogelenzang, he is a very talented dutch photographer. I was lucky enough to work on a shoot with him and the fantastic dutch model, Rianne ten Haken. Her biggest LOVE in life is yoga and she has the most amazing body. The thing I love most about this picture is that it feels like it came straight out of the 90’s! It was shot exclusively for ZOE publication in NEW YORK last year.”

Rianne ten Haken for ZOE Publication Issue 01. Found here.


“This is an image of model Nimue Smit from our upcoming PRE FALL collection. Does it get better than this? A classic white tee and leather skirt, the perfect combination for any girls wardrobe.”

Nimue Smit for Zoe Karssen, Pre Fall 17 collection. Found here.