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by guest contributor Ana Sting

Abstract painting by Berta Blanca Ivanow. Found here. Explore: art, red
Artwork by Claude Cahun "Me as Cahun holding a mask of my face", photography by Gillian Wearing, 2012. Found here. Explore: photography, portraits
Photograph by Harley Weir for Another Magazine, 2015. Found here. Explore: body, photography
"Nest", photography by Viviane Sassen, 2010. Found here. Explore: body, photography
Lola Flores. Explore: photography, portraits
"Lips of Thomas" by artist Marina Abramovic, 1975/2005. Found here. Explore: art, photography
Nina Simone, 1969. Found here. Explore: portraits
Sylvia Von Harden by Otto Dix, 1926. Found here. Explore: art, portraits, red
The Conversation by Louise Bourgeoise, 2007. Found here. Explore: art, red
Photography by Vivian Maier, New York, 1954. Found here. Explore: city, photography

Ana Sting is a photographer. Find her here.

Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Johanna Ankelhed is a stylist and creative consultant based in Copenhagen / Stockholm. Find her here.

i-D MAGAZINE, 1996
David Sims is one of my favourite fashion photographers working today. The stark modernism, plain backdrops and graphic posing is just breathtakingly beautiful. He creates immaculate yet energetic photographs and this image from i-D Magazine, February 1996 is definitely one of my most beloved ones. I’ve always been highly fascinated by Kate Moss, especially during the iconic 90’s when she was the face of Calvin Klein. I was 3 years old when this photo was taken and at the time I surely didn’t how much she would influence me later on in life. The fascination for Kate Moss stil is very much alive – she’s a style icon for a generation.
Kate Moss for i-D Magazine shot by David Sims February 1996.
Found here.
I love coming to Barcelona. Everyone I know loves coming to Barcelona. Here I spent my final year as a teenager and I would say that the city is one on my many homes. This is where my passion for art, architecture and history really blossomed. The city offers a reflection of our future pasts and It’s the home of Picasso, Miró, Dalí and Gaudí. There is so much history and so much art to explore! Having spent many hours wandering The Fundació Joan Miró during my time in the city, I would definitely recommend a visit when in Barcelona.
The Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona. Found here.
There’s something special about Simon Porte Jacquemus and the way he portrays Frenchness. It was love at first sight in 2015 when I was introduced to his “L’enfant Du Soleil” collection. The details, yet the simplicity, quirkiness and subtly sexiness of his design represent everything I strive to be in a woman. I worship every single piece I have in my closet thanks to an ineffable mix of confidence, risk-taking and charm. He’s like the Emanuel Macron of the fashion world, bringing us hope and light and chance in a very dark age.
Jacquemus, “Les Santons de Provence” SS17. Found here.

Are we doomed

by guest contributor Mikaela Hållén

Swimmers, Ironman Triathlon, Wayne Levin. Found here. Explore: people, water
By Joseph Szabo. Found here. Explore: people, photography
Screenshot from Turkish Delight, 1973. Explore: movies, people
Yoko Ono & John Lennon, 1980 by Annie Leibovitz. Explore: people, photography
Screenshot from The Beautiful Person, 2008. Found here. Explore: movies, people
@suelajane. Found here. Explore: body, people, water
Rene Burri, Cuba 1993 . Found here. Explore: people, photography
By Bertrand Fevre. Found here. Explore: body, photography
Screenshot from Blue is the warmest color. Found here. Explore: blue, movies
Gif from Cosmos a Spacetime Odyssey. Found here. Explore: Space, yellow

Mikaela Hållén is a freelance stylist based in Stockholm. Find her here.

Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Christiane Spangsberg is an artist based in London. Find her here


The Two Sisters

I first saw this painting by André Derain when I visited the National Museum in Copenhagen. I had lived in Copenhagen for a few years without going. But I moved so close to the museum at some point that I stopped by, and found out to my surprise that it was even free of charge. I went in and saw the sign ‘1900 French Collection’ which attracted me straight away. They have quite a good collection of Matisse, but what captured my attention that day was this painting of The Two Sisters by André Derain. It is not the sisters in particular I find interesting, but the way the background has been painted very rapidly creating a very tense motion. I remember listening about this particular painting in some headphones and the lady described how the texture of the background could simulate the tension between the sisters. Derain has used different colors in this background, I only use one, but the rapid brushstrokes I took with me that day.

The two sisters by André Derain, 1914. Found here.


The white room

There is something about the nothingness of a white room that inspires me very much. The light and naked feeling makes my mind wonder. All options are open. This might not make sense, but I see things in unity. If you place furniture in a room I then take the furniture into consideration, because they then are as important part of the room as the painting on the wall. In my mind everything needs to be aligned to create peace. 

Found here.


The Kiss by Auguste Rodin

Ancient statues have become my favorite muse. There are a few reasons for this. First I love the history behind these incredible beautiful handmade sculptures. Secondly I am inspired by the fact that both men and women are equally portrayed. In this era they were both seen as equally beautifully and majestic in their naked form. The Kiss was the first sculpture I drew at my visit to Glyptoteket in Copenhagen. A tragic love story where the woman falls in love with her husband younger brother and they both end up being killed.

The Kiss by Auguste Rodin, 1882. Found here.


by guest contributor Melissa Levy

Bibi Cornejo Borthwick. Found here. Explore: fashion, street
"Heat" by Talia Chetrit, 2015. Found here. Explore: body, photography, portraits
"The balcony 2" by Brett Whiteley, 1975. Found here. Explore: art, blue
"National City" by John Baldessari. Found here. Explore: art, blue, city
"The New Industrial Parks near Irvine" by Lewis Baltz, 1974. Found here. Explore: city, photography
"Arkie Under the Shower" by Brett Whiteley, 1986 to 1987. Found here. Explore: art, blue, body
Céline by Talia Chetrit, 2017. Found here. Explore: fashion, fashion photography
Balenciaga ad by M/M (Paris), photo by Inez & Vinoodh, 2001-2002. Found here. Explore: art, fashion photography
"Plastic" by Talia Chetrit, 2016. Found here. Explore: body, photography, portraits
Untitled (Turn #1) and (Turn #2) by Talia Chetrit 2012. Found here. Explore: photography

Melissa Levy is a stylist based in New York. Find her here.

Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Kelly Harrington is a stylist, designer, creative consultant and vintage archivist based in London. Find her here.



In 1998, a school art project led me down a path of discovery with the artist David Hockney, especially his swimming pool series painted & collages between 1960 and 1982.

Maybe it was that Californian blue sky colour he used and the idilic world of leisure that drew me in, or the remarkable way he captures and represents water. His creative photo collages were so contemporary for the time.

Countless times I tried to recreate these water scenes and failed.

David Hockney, A Bigger Splash, represents to me the day I realised I wanted to become an artist & a designer.

David Hockney, A Bigger Splash, 1967. Found here.



One of the most iconic denim adverts of all time. The Levis Flat Eric TV commercials came in a 2 part story with that unforgettable ‘Flat Beat’ tune by Quentin Dupieux. This advert single handedly takes me back to my youth, I was 20 years old. I was obsessed with Pop culture! ( wasn’t everyone! ) Britney Spears, David Beckham, Toy story and of course LEVIS. Just like the thousands of other people, I tried to get my hands on Flat Eric merchandise, it was like gold dust. I think this crazy voiceless character, Flat Eric is partly responsible for my obsession with Denim & the Levis brand.

Levis, Flat Eric, 1999. Found here.



I’m blessed with the opportunity to travel, I love to explore and find inspiration in my surroundings.

My first trip to japan was in 2002, this visit had a profound effect on me. It was like no other place I’d ever been to before and was a 1000 times better than I had ever imagined. Before visiting japan, as a child I’d always obsessed with the illusion that japan was a magical place that was so far away. The closest I’d ever got to japan as a child was visiting Disney land in Florida’s ‘World showcase’ where I purchased nearly everything in it associated with japan with my pocket money.

Since 2003 I’ve been back atleast once a year. This magical place will always be my inspiration, a place that I can never sleep in because I’m to excited to see what’s outside. I could wonder the streets for hours and stumble across something new, I always get lost and to me that’s part of the fun. Japan is a place close to my heart.

Personal photo by Kelly Harrington.