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Even after the string of tragedies that punctuated the year, the loss of Franca Sozzani feels poignant. From her earliest days at Italian Vogue until her last, she signaled an unwillingness to compromise the art for the industry. In the process, she cultivated the talents of the most important artists working in fashion today. We revered her because she pushed them, and us, to be better. And she showed us another way to work. Her way was pure, effortless creativity. No rules. No try hard. All smiles.

Uncondiitonal N° 4 for A/W 2016

Unconditional is a magazine made by women, for women and primarily about women. That, in and of itself, is an act of protest in 2016. Issue Four is our take on the classics—classic clothes, classic ideas and classic individuals. It is a look at the things we love; the ones that never go out of style because they most clearly express who we are and who we want to be. In that sense, this is the perfect moment to tell these stories, to share our voice, and to reflect on what was beautiful this year.


It's Arrived!!!

Our third issue is a celebration of Summer featuring the ever relevant, ever muse Gemma Ward. We chose Gemma because she somehow manages to embody all of the things we seek to elevate with this magazine and with this issue especially. We were thinking a lot about what authenticity means today, on and offline, and we chose women who seem to have figured that out for themselves. As always we hope you find some inspiration inside. xx

You can preview Issue 3 at Available for pre-order now!


Look good in leather

Leather, slicked hair, red lips. Done.

Milla Jovovitch by Peter Lindbergh_ Vogue Italia, 2000
Alexandra Elizabeth by Alasdair McLellan_ Vogue Paris, 2016
Celine runway_ Spring 2016