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Same same but different







Does this ever happen to you when scrolling on instagram? Back to back, same same but different.


Leigh Wells.
The Face, Mario Sorrenti.
Self Service.

Sydney calling

A few days out from a much-needed first trip to Australia and I couldn’t be more ready. It’s time to turn the corner on the holidays and get back to work. For some reason I keep setting my eyes on these two images. Wind, nude, skin, and a healthy dose of cool, confident women, Malgosia and Allie respectively. See you soon Lony ;)


(left) Malgosia Bela by Josh Olins for The Last Magazine
(right) Ally Ertel by Brianna Capozzi for Dazed & Confused


There’s nothing better on an early winter morning than waking up to this stunning story courtesy of WSJ. If only we could all be Vanessa basking in summer sun with nothing on but silk trousers and just the right amount of Tiffany diamonds… sign me up.

Vanessa Axente photographed by Annemarieke van Drimmelen in the new issue of WSJ.


There’s something particularly moving about a classic car. To be honest I’ve never paid too much attention to them before, but my father, who is obsessed, brought me to a show on a recent Sunday afternoon in LA. I completely fell in love. The attention to detail in shape, form and material, its no wonder so much of specific eras are visually defined by the cars we drove in them. It also makes me wish that more of us put as much obsessive attention into all of our own work.

Photography_ Alexandra Nataf

Unconditional girl

One term we’ve made our own is ‘Unconditional Girl’.
Georgia Hilmer is one of them. Cool, smart, effortless, talented – she splits her time between her studies at NYU and being in front and behind the camera.
This photo made its way into our latest issue’s opening because it really speaks to the attitude of the Unconditional girl, and it was the perfect way to welcome you to the issue.

Photography_ Alexandra Nataf
Styling_ Ilona Hamer