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Founder of Stand Up For Fashion, model, activist, journalist and associate to the UNESCO Chair for Human Rights.


Phrophetess, what does the future hold?

Viviane Sassen

John Akomfrah

Still of John Akomfrah in The Nine Muses (2010). Found here.

A short film made for Venezia 70 – Future Reloaded (2013). World premiere screening on 28 August 2013 during the 70th Venice International Film Festival.


When two become one and one, individualize.

Piotr Krzymowski

I am looking for you Peter, but all I find are your imprints.

Darling Claire

Claire Underwood in House of Cards

I know we’ve just spent an intense period of time together, but I thought I’d just write you a little note.
The past 13 days have been glorious. It almost feels as though we lived several life times in the flash of a short moment.
I know that your stone hearted husband has no ability to love. I also know that he feels dwarfed by your magnitude. It may be small penis syndrome??
Whatever the reason may be, I want you to know that you don’t have to be a stranger. I am a friend that loves and admires you. Developing healthy female bonds would be good for you. One doesn’t want to be too isolated or icy as they mature. Hardening of the heart tends to show on the face.
All this to say my darling Claire. Don’t be a stranger! The last time I saw you was a year ago. I really hope we don’t have to wait that long again? If we do, I may think you are planning to do something preposterous like run for the White House.

Stay gorgeous.