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Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Kelly Harrington is a stylist, designer, creative consultant and vintage archivist based in London. Find her here.



In 1998, a school art project led me down a path of discovery with the artist David Hockney, especially his swimming pool series painted & collages between 1960 and 1982.

Maybe it was that Californian blue sky colour he used and the idilic world of leisure that drew me in, or the remarkable way he captures and represents water. His creative photo collages were so contemporary for the time.

Countless times I tried to recreate these water scenes and failed.

David Hockney, A Bigger Splash, represents to me the day I realised I wanted to become an artist & a designer.

David Hockney, A Bigger Splash, 1967. Found here.



One of the most iconic denim adverts of all time. The Levis Flat Eric TV commercials came in a 2 part story with that unforgettable ‘Flat Beat’ tune by Quentin Dupieux. This advert single handedly takes me back to my youth, I was 20 years old. I was obsessed with Pop culture! ( wasn’t everyone! ) Britney Spears, David Beckham, Toy story and of course LEVIS. Just like the thousands of other people, I tried to get my hands on Flat Eric merchandise, it was like gold dust. I think this crazy voiceless character, Flat Eric is partly responsible for my obsession with Denim & the Levis brand.

Levis, Flat Eric, 1999. Found here.



I’m blessed with the opportunity to travel, I love to explore and find inspiration in my surroundings.

My first trip to japan was in 2002, this visit had a profound effect on me. It was like no other place I’d ever been to before and was a 1000 times better than I had ever imagined. Before visiting japan, as a child I’d always obsessed with the illusion that japan was a magical place that was so far away. The closest I’d ever got to japan as a child was visiting Disney land in Florida’s ‘World showcase’ where I purchased nearly everything in it associated with japan with my pocket money.

Since 2003 I’ve been back atleast once a year. This magical place will always be my inspiration, a place that I can never sleep in because I’m to excited to see what’s outside. I could wonder the streets for hours and stumble across something new, I always get lost and to me that’s part of the fun. Japan is a place close to my heart.

Personal photo by Kelly Harrington.

HOPE Trousers by Space Matters

Columbine, Nike and I teamed up with our friends at HOPE for a series of self portraits at our office. We dressed in our favorite trousers from their spring collection, I choose two pairs of suit trousers that I look forward to dressing down with tees and loose shirts when spring finally arrives.
Check out my sisters’ Columbine and Nike’s picks here. And thanks HOPE for the opportunity, keep doing good things in the name of diversity, creativity and self expression <3.
Find your favorite pairs by paying HOPE a visit, at home or on Instagram.

I’m wearing Box Tee with Forty Trouser and Elma Shirt with Wide Trouser.


In collaboration with HOPE.

Hope for spring

In collaboration with HOPE my Space sisters and I did a couple of self portraits with our favorite trousers. I can’t wait to go into spring and summer with this relaxed, airy and slouchy pants.

Wearing the Marfa trousers and the perfect white Alias Tee.


As spring approaches, Space Matters teams up with HOPE for a series of self portraits. Playing around(!) at the office, where I love to be, wearing my favourite HOPE trouser (The Move Trouser), holding my favourite flowers -poppies.

Take a look at how my Space sisters are wearing their favourite Hope trousers over here!
If you’re curious to know more about HOPE, a brand passionate about diversity, creativity and self expression -pay them a visit, at home or on Instagram!


Clothes by HOPE
Chair by Fredrik Paulsen

In collaboration with HOPE.

Hope Trousers by Space Matters

As spring approaches, Space Matters teams up with HOPE for a series of self portraits. Lisa, Columbine and Nike are wearing their favorite trousers from HOPE’S spring collection. If you’re curious to know more about HOPE, a brand passionate about diversity, creativity and self expression, we suggest you pay them a visit, at home or on Instagram.

Lisa Corneliusson
Wearing Forty Trouser and Box Tee (tied in the back)

“I think progression in personal style is often about the smallest of things; finding versions of what we already wear to tune into our personal ideas of perfect. A white t-shirt can be everything, a nice pair of suit trousers too. I love to pair the two to keep it casual.”

Columbine Smille
Wearing Move Trouser

“I am always in the search for the perfect pair of black pants with a high waist and the Move trouser is exactly that, something I’ve been looking for forever. Also, the slit at the end of the leg is a great trick for a flattering elongated silhouette, which I love.”

Nike Felldin
Wearing Marfa Trouser and Alias Tee

“My kind of trousers for spring and summer are loose and light and made from breezy fabrics. I’ll style them it with grey sandals for an even more relaxed look.”


Clothes by HOPE
Chair by Fredrik Paulsen

In collaboration with HOPE.


La Bomba Jacquemus, directed by Gordon von Steiner and creative direction by Simon Porte Jacquemus.

It’s hard to not love the world of Jacquemus, no? Impossible not to think of easy breezy warm winds in the sun somewhere in the south of France. Having found myself a bit tired of Instagram, Jacquemus is one of the accounts I still read/browse on a daily basis. Except for the perfect vacation inspiration, I am very fascinated by Jacquemus’ ability to reconnect to his own childhood and personal life through the collections and the visual identity of each and every campaign. This always intrigues me, when the ideas are so deeply rooted in something personal that they create a world of it’s own. And his childhood nostaglia is so beautifully conveyed in everything he takes on. Just beautiful.

As for the spring/summer collection, it is inspired by the memories of his mother walking around the villages outside Marseille and, according to, a photograph of her walking through the port one summer, wearing a scarf around her head, a ceramic earring and a pareo tied around her. Together with film director Gordon von Steiner he created the video for the ss18 collection, as seen above. The perfect dream and I want to wear it. Press play and enjoy.