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Beauty alert


I talk about my beauty essentials in the latest episode of STYEBY beauty podcast – listen here (in Swedish though).

Seen above is five of my favorite picks:
Body scrub from Aesop, face cream from Bioderma, facial mask from Origins, lip 2 cheek from RMS and serum from Shani Darden.


So, I’ve found myself a weekend beauty routine that has been great for my skin. Once or twice a week I scrub my face with the Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant from Aesop in the shower, which I mix up either just with a few drops of water or the Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser. Then I put on the Active Charcoal mask from Origins on damp skin. I actually went in to a random Sephora when in New York and asked for their best charcoal mask and got this one recommended and ever since I’ve been hooked. I let in stay on for about 15 minutes and then I rinse it off with water. Now, either I apply my regular day cream (Sensibio sensitive skin treatment from Bioderma) or if I’m in need of some extra moisture (which I think is a good idea after using charcoal masks in general) I put on my all time favourite Facial Treatment mask from SK-II.

What’s your favourite skin care products?

Crème Abricot

“Crème Abricot by Dior on my nails every night is part of my new years resolutions” – @inezandvinoodh.

Gotta try this one out. Available here!


When it comes to scents I stick to true favourites and rarely change. There’s so much hidden in a scent, memories, things to get reminded of. I once dated a guy only (well not only, but sort of..) beacuse of the way he smelled and even today sensing that specific perfume it reminds me of him, or maybe not him, maybe more that period of my life but still. Scents can be..spellbounding, no?
Flowerhead by Byredo has been my go to fragrance since it was launched and it quickly became that one signature scent of mine. As I’m also quite the fan of beauty oils I was very pleased to see that it now exists as a perfume roll on oil as well. Goes with me wherever I go.


Organic Eye Shadow in the shade “Myth”, RMS Beauty.

Speaking of favourite beauty products of mine, as you already know I’m a huge fan of RMS Beauty. Actually, on one of my work trips to New York earlier this year  I ran into their very charming founder, Rose-Marie Swift when searching for my favourite concealer at ABC Home. She is truly an inspiring lady, it was such a nice meeting and it made me look in to her products even more. Now, I already use the concealer as well as the organic cream blush (the shade “Curious” is perfect for grey days..) and now I found another little jar to add to my collection, the perfect shade of creme eye shadow, as seen above.


Cucumber and organic birch Body Oil, Björk & Berries.

To my dispair I recently found out that one of my favourite body oils from Björk & Berries is no longer in production. Such a shame! They have other scents, of course, but none of them are as nice as this one. Well, in my opinion that is. So, the other day when entering my yoga class I spotted this old favourite at my yoga teacher’s studio. Lucky me!